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Top 7 Cryptos That Could 1000x In 2023

by edward

Finding cryptocurrencies with the best potential may be overwhelming. It is not uncommon for coins to be promoted by influences. However, the promise of good performance is not enough to make an investment. Contrary to popular opinion, making 1000x profit on crypto trading is not about luck but strategy. Research is required to get in-depth knowledge about crypto.

The good news is that we have collected the necessary information to aid you in making profits. This article will cover the top 7 most profitable cryptocurrencies. First, let us examine the benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies.

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Top 7 Crypto That Could Do 1000x

1. Enjin Coin

Enjin (ENJ) is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum. Founded in 2019 as the first gaming-oriented crypto asset, ENJ has maintained its relevance. The price of these token increases when a game or app is built with Enjin. ENJ token has lots of potential because it makes it easy to build a blockchain-based game.

One of the reasons to invest in ENJ is that it has a capped supply and utility. The token has numerous case uses; with every adoption, the value increases. In addition, only one billion tokens of ENJ are in supply. About 83% of the token is in circulation; this reduces a crash in the value of Enjin.

Emjin’s scalability makes it a great option for investment. The blocks are verified every 6 seconds with a Proof-of-stake algorithm. As a result, the blockchain can handle multiple transactions effectively and efficiently. In addition, the ENJ blockchain is highly decentralized. This token has so much potential due to its scalability and adoption growth, significantly improving its value. Some crypto experts will argue that a coin/token is only as good as the quality of the wallet. Enjin wallet does not fall short of this standard; it is secure, and all transactions are free.

2. Cronos

The first thing you want to know about Cronus is that it is a utility token for Crypto.com. Launched in 2018 but was originally called Crypto.com coin. Cronos blockchain is based on the Cosmos ecosystem; the advantage is excellent interoperability. Cronos is a good project because many developers look for the interoperability feature that ensures compatibility among numerous blockchains.

Cronos is smart contract crypto that allows developers to create other applications and cryptocurrencies with the ecosystem. Crypto.com is establishing relevance by sponsoring various sports like the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022. Cronos is one of the most versatile tokens on the market. In addition, it offers extra security for transactions with the proof-of-authority consensus mechanism. Cronos is projected to make 1000x profit in ten years. Therefore, it should be one of the cryptocurrencies in your portfolio if you are looking for maximum profit.

3. Decentraland

Decentraland is one of the most popular Metaverse cryptocurrencies on the block. It was established in 2018 with MANA as the native currency. MANA is used within the metaverse to buy and sell items, such as virtual land. Decentraland takes virtual gaming to a new level with various exciting features that allow gamers to customize characters.

Decentraland is the second biggest gaming cryptocurrency with regard to market capitalization. You can play various virtual games and communicate with other players in the metaverse. One of the benefits of decentraland is that users can retain the digital assets they create. In addition, users can convert them into other cryptocurrencies. Decentraland promises to amaze users with the launch of M social by Millennium Hotels and Resorts.

Predictions on the performance of Decentraland are promising. According to experts, the price of MANA will rise to about $15 by 2027. After five years, revenue is expected to increase by 368.1%. Therefore, the best time to be part of this excellent platform is now.

4. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a space-themed multiplayer online game. This multiplayer metaverse is a new addition to the Solana blockchain. It allows gamers from various parts of the world to enjoy games in teams. Star Atlas combines online gaming and NFT, increasing its potential in the cryptocurrency market. Gamers can own assets and earn income in the metaverse. In addition, every asset in Star Atlas is recorded as NFT on the Solana blockchain.

Star Atlas had its first token generation event in August 2021 and started selling in September. This event hit the crypto and gaming community with a fresh wave of excitement. Solana blockchain has always prided itself in its low cost of transactions. Therefore, in-game trading with NFT is very affordable. Bear in mind that gaming is not free on Star Atlas. The game requires strategy, exploration, choosing weapons and crews while promising a thrilling experience.

5. SushiSwap

SushiSwap, launched in August 2020, is a decentralized exchange and a token (Sushi). It uses the Ethereum blockchain. Trades on SushiSwap are not regulated by any central authority but by smart contracts involving mathematical processes. Since its inception, the cryptocurrency has experienced a 1,500% increase in value. SushiSwap is a governance token-it gives holders the right to vote on the crypto’s future. Therefore, there is a high chance that increasing popularity will follow an increase in price.

SushiSwap is an exchange platform that allows you to swap cryptocurrency. In addition, you can deposit into a liquidity pool to get income. Other ways to earn a reward include staking, lending, and borrowing crypto. Staking your Sushi tokens on the SushiSwap app makes you entitled to a share of the swap fee-easy and cool way to get extra income.

6. XRP

XRP is a native cryptocurrency on Ripple- a blockchain-based international money network. Ripple’s goal is to offer a platform that processes transactions quickly but with minimal costs. The cryptocurrency was launched in 2012, yet, one of the most profitable coins for investment. 100 billion XRP tokens were created before the launch, but 55 billion were placed in escrow. In addition, a billion XRP is scheduled to be released monthly. Since its inception, it has been steadily performing well despite the volatility of the crypto market.

XRP is a valuable token because it serves as a bridge currency. Financial institutions can use XRP tokens to swap currencies at a lower price. For example, when the token was at its all-time highest, the transaction fee was 0.00001 XRP. Another reason to consider XRP is that a transaction takes about 5 seconds. In addition, XRP tokens are often referred to as fiat currencies.

When XRP tokens are released monthly for sale, the unsold tokens go to a new escrow. Ripple uses a consensus system to verify transactions. As a result, a transaction can only be approved if it is accepted by most of the XRP validators.

7. BAT Token

Basic Attention Token is a fairly new token launched in 2017. This token is an excellent choice for long-term investment and has the potential to do 1000x. BAT is a blockchain system that uses the Brave web browser to monitor attention on social media. One of the benefits of the token is that it can serve as a form of reward in the advertising niche. Therefore, the token can be used among advertisers, users, and publishers on social media.

Digital marketing is the future. Therefore, the aim of a basic attention token is to optimize positive interaction between internet users and digital advertisements. Internet users earn BAT when they view adverts; this increases brand awareness. In addition, owners of BAT can hold it, cash it, or exchange it for other cryptocurrencies. The Basic Attention Token remains a top option because it allows you to earn more money passively. Staking the BAT is secure and holds none of the risks associated with mining and trading.

Benefits of Investing in Cryptocurrencies

  1. Speed of Transaction: One benefit of crypto investing is the speed of transactions. Crypto transactions can be completed in a few minutes. Any delay in transactions will be settled in no time.
  2. Accessibility: anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can open and access their crypto account. This process is faster and less stressful than going to the bank.
  3. Transparency: crypto transactions occur via a public blockchain ledger. Therefore, the level of fraud is significantly reduced.
  4. Privacy: you can make transactions without identity compromise. Your wallet address does not contain any personal information about you.
  5. Security: no one can gain access to your crypto wallet unless they have your access key. In addition, the blockchain system offers extra security to transactions.

Final Thoughts

This article has analyzed the top 7 cryptocurrencies that could do 1000x. They made this list because they have the most potential, which shows that their value will significantly increase in the coming years.

The global crypto market is projected to rise above 23 billion dollars at the end of 2023. Therefore, it is best to start including coins and tokens with prospects in your portfolio. Did any of the cryptocurrencies on the list pique your interest? Do more research and start investing today!


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