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Top 7 Legit Apps To Make Money 2019

If your looking for some of the most legit apps to make money 2019 we have 7 top picks. Each one of these I have been using for well over a year, and they have helped me earn consistent extra income. You will however need to put in the practice at getting good with each one, but overtime things can really start to ramp up. We will have some live video directly below as we get into each method.

1. Our first top choice is to start playing at Ignition Poker. This is an amazing real money poker app that offers 1.5 million in weekly tournaments. Yes that’s real money. They are backed by Bodog Gaming which has been in business for well over 20 years. They also offer fast cash outs and some of the best mobile software for poker currently. You can also see more on them here.

2. Our next best legit apps to make money in 2019 is with Acorns. This is a robo advising app that takes your money, and puts it into low risk mutual funds and ETFs. You can set up recurring deposits or have it link to your credit card. I have seen an increase of around 2-5 percent when using Acorns making it a nice option for a passive investor.

Since were on the topic of investing Robinhood is our go to for stock trading. This is currently the number 1 rated app for trading on both android and ios. It offers zero commission trading with the ability to buy shares straight from your phone. It costs nothing to sign up and a great way to start building your wealth.

4. Coinbase is another one of the best legit apps to make money in 2019. This is a Bitcoin wallet that also allows you to trade some of the top crypto’s. They have a great platform similar to Robinhood, and will also insure you up to 250k. Definitely a great place to start for the beginner.

5. If you want to take your crypto game to the next level then Binance is the place to be. This is currently the biggest exchange in the world for trading crypto, and has a very user friendly app. Having done most of my trading on here up until now I can tell you its basically amazing. You can trade over 100 different coins on here, and transfer money into Coinbase for quick cash outs. If you want to learn more about crypto click here.

6. Another one of the most legit apps to make money in 2019 is Bovada. This is currently the number one betting site in the US. The software for playing on your phone is amazing especially for any poker lover. Bovada has also been operating a bit longer at 7 years running make them extremely reputable. If you enjoy both poker and sport betting I would also recommend signing up.

7. We have a unique option for you if your into gaming. You can now become a video game tester straight from your phone. This is all possible thanks to sponsorship agreements made with companies like EA Games to pay people to test out and review games. You can make anywhere from $500-$30000 a year with this option. You will have to put in the work, but you can learn more and sign up here.


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