UAG Monarch Iphone 8 Plus Review

In our UAG Monarch iphone 8 plus review we will be going over some of the benefits to going with this higher end case. This is the higher end case for UAG compared to the plasma and trooper when it comes to the overall price point. Its also the most protective that they currently offer, and made with 5 layers of protection. As we go over some of what this case can do you can also see some of the live video we have below.

1. The first thing we have to talk about on the UAG Monarch for iphone 8 plus is its style and design. This case is made with 5 different layers which include metal and other pc materials. Even with all of the layers it has its still very light weight at 1.6 ounces. It has an outer edged design which makes this case very easy to grip as well. The outer shell has a cool screw design along with the UAG branding in the middle. This case definitely has a military look to it and comes in 3 different colors which include, crimson red, graphite, and platinum.

2. The UAG Monarch iphone 8 plus case also has some excellent drop protection. While it does not come with a built in screen protector it lips around the front of your iphones screen to protect it on flat surfaces and drops. I have also found that this case absorbs a drop extremely well with its built in shock protection.

3. This UAG case is also great for everyday use. Its not at all heavy which makes it easy to take in and out of your pocket. Its also great for using at the gym, work, shopping, or outdoor activities. Its also has some nice easy to grip sides which we mentioned as well.

With some closing comments on our UAG Monarch iphone 8 plus review we think that this is a great option for anyone needing a very protective but light weight case. The only downside we could find after using this case is that it comes with a higher price point of around $30 – $50 depending on whats available and the color you choose. As far as color options we think graphite and crimson red definitely look the best. On a positive note this case looks amazing as do most other UAG cases, and comes with a 10 year warranty. If your considering checking this case out we give it a big thumbs up!

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