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UAG Plasma Galaxy Note 9 Case Review

The UAG Plasma Galaxy Note 9 case is one of the best mid range cases you can buy. The Plasma series has been one of my favorites for the last few years when it comes too providing both style and protection. Its great for outdoors / everyday use, and has a military black ops look to it.

1. When it comes to its overall design it definitely has a military like look to it. The UAG Plasma Galaxy Note 9 case has been proven to meet military drop standards. While I have not tried a drop test with this case higher than around 8 feet it definitely absorbs drops well. It currently comes in 2 colors being ash and silver, and has 5 inserted mini screws on its backing. When you have this case on you will still be able to see the back of your phone / samsung logo on the note 9 which looks pretty cool.

2. When it comes to overall protection the UAG Plasma Galaxy Note 9 case gets the job done. It has rubberized edges, and a patented outer hard shell that absorbs impact very well. You can see in our above video some of the mini drop tests we did to prove this fact. It has a slightly raised lip to help protect your phones screen from cracks / scratches, but we still recommend using a screen protector.

3. This case is also wireless charging friendly so you won’t have any issues there. The only real downside is that this case is a bit pricier at around $40 currently. It will however last you well over a year since it has for me in the past on other phones I have used it with.

With some closing comments on our UAG Plasma Galaxy Note 9 case review its still a fan favorite. It is a beautifully designed case with a unique military style look. It will provide some nice drop protection, and make an impression on anyone who see’s you using it.

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