UAG Plasma Iphone 8 Plus Case Review

In our UAG Plasma Iphone 8 Plus case review we will be highlighting some of the amazing features and benefits to¬†using this case. Up until now I had never had the chance to use a UAG branded case. I had seen the name once or twice online before, but never had the chance to actually check one out. For those not familiar with this brand or series the Plasma is one of there most popular designs. It is described to be constructed with military style drop protection and also light as a feather. I don’t want to give too much away but you can also see some of the live video we have on this one below.

1. The first thing I would like to go over on the UAG Plasma Iphone 8 Plus case is the design and build. One of the first things that will strike you about this case in its pictures is the absolutely cool design. It is made of with a patented hard shell that is also made of rubber. It also has small screws built into it that give it a military style look. Bottom line here is the design is sick and there are lots of colors to choose from such as blue, red, ash, ice, and citron.

2. I am also a big fan of see through cases that still show the Apple logo on the back of your iphone. While it is a little bit hard to see these cases are still made to be see through. This will allow you to still see the back of your iphone which is pretty cool. This case will also have no issues charging your iphone wirelessly which is another plus.

3. The UAG Plasma Iphone 8 Plus case is also going to provide you some great drop protection. While we did not drop this case from a super high distance we could see that it will have no issues with protection. It also has some nice easy to grip tactical buttons for the volume, and on off switch as well.

With some closing comments on our UAG Plasma Iphone 8 Plus case review we think its a great looking accessory that will provide solid protection. This would make an everyday great case to use at work, the gym, the weekend, or everyday life. It has a nice price point of around $30, and is also fairly light weight at 1.5 ounces. This is a super sleek looking case that you can check out here!

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