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UAG vs Otterbox for Iphone 8 Plus

by Fliptroniks

We have a good one for you with our UAG vs Otterbox for iphone 8 plus comparison. While both these cases come from two completely different brands they do share some of the same characteristics. Both offer great protection, come with a relatively same price point, and have some great style to them. You can also take a stab at winning a free new Iphone in this sweepstakes.

1. The first thing we have to talk about is the design and build of both these case makers. Otterbox has been in the game for a long time now, and has stayed true to there main lines. These lines consist of the commuter, symmetry, defender, and strada series. Each one while a little bit different still have the look of an Otter. UAG in the same respect also stay true to there military style design which consists of the plasma, monarch, and trooper series. With that said in this UAG vs Otterbox for iphone 8 plus we have to give the overall best style to UAG.

2. When it comes to overall protection however Otterbox is the clear winner. Their most popular design the defender series has a built in screen protector that also covers your iphone completely. Even the commuter series while not as big defender still beats the UAG monarch which is the highest protective case they currently offer. So to sum things up and Otterbox will give you better overall drop and scratch protection.

3. Each series while has its own look stay true to the identity of both brands. I love how the UAG has a military style look to it, and I love Otterbox because I just always have. The last thing to point out in our UAG vs Otterbox for iphone 8 plus comparison is that either case will be good for everyday use. Whether its at work, the gym, shopping, traveling, or a night either case maker is great. These brands also sell there cases at around the same price point starting at $30.00 and up to $60.00 on there highest price lines. Those of which being the defender and monarch series.

In our UAG vs Otterbox for iphone 8 plus comparison its impossible for me to tell you which is better than the other. The reason for this is because I simply love both case makers. Each one has its own unique look and feel whichever line you choose to go with!

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