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Uphold App Review 2022 – It’s Super User Friendly

by edward

Those of you looking to trade crypto and stocks on your phone you should seriously consider using the Uphold App. It’s become a personal favorite for trading. Yes I do have some long term holds, but the trading fee’s are low. The app itself is also very easy to use compared to others I’ve tried out. Let’s take a closer look at using Uphold and some reasons to get involved in crypto.

Why Get Involved In Cryptocurrency & Stocks On Uphold?

It is essential to educate people that have no idea what Cryptocurrencies are before discussing why they should get involved in Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that have their transactions verified and maintained by a decentralized system using what is referred to as a Cryptograph. A centralized authority does not control these digital assets. Common examples of Cryptocurrencies making waves in the market are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Shiba Inu.

Speed of Transactions: Transactions in the Cryptocurrency world occur within seconds to minutes regardless of the volume of transactions. There is practically no limit to the amount and volume of transactions that can be carried out daily.

Ease of accessibility: You practically require a good internet connection and your mobile device. Once you download your means of exchange (either a decentralized or a centralized exchange), you are good to go!

Scam-free: All Cryptocurrencies are usually backed by what is referred to as Blockchain technology. This technology is a public ledger that contains all transactions carried out in the Cryptocurrency space. All miners must do is confirm transactions.

Who Is Uphold?

Uphold is a one-of-a-kind desktop and mobile trading platform that allows you to trade “practically anything.” Uphold eliminates the need for multiple transfers to buy metals, cryptocurrencies, or stocks. Instead, it will enable you to trade assets directly with a bank account, cryptocurrency network, or debit/credit card, with no trading commissions.

Furthermore, you can trade assets from various classes in a single step, which is unique. The Bitcoin-for-Tesla exchange is one example. Similarly, there is only one step when trading between Facebook and Tesla stock, with no intermediate conversion into USD. Any other trading platform will force you to use US dollars as a currency bridge between the two.

Cloud Computing is used to construct Uphold. This platform is thought to have processed a little more than $900 million in transactions. Uphold is used in over 174 countries throughout the world. According to research, Uphold is responsible for roughly 22% of global public Bitcoin transactions. The headquarters of Uphold is in Charleston, South Carolina. Grupo Salinas Bankig and Elektra SA are partners with Uphold. Due to relations with Ricardo Salinas-Piego, one of Mexico’s wealthiest men, this alliance has formed.


Coins Available on the Uphold App

Uphold boasts of a vast majority of Cryptocurrencies. Traders have the option of trading these currency pairs against each other.

There are currently 60 plus cryptos on the Uphold App, including Major coins, Altcoins, Stable coins, and emerging tokens.

These include;

  • Bitcoin/BTC
  • AAVE
  • Ripple/XRP
  • Axie Infinty Token/AXS
  • Balancer/BAL
  • Casper/CSPR
  • DOGE
  • Enjin/ENJ
  • Curve Finance/CRV
  • Filecoin/FIL
  • The Graph/GRT
  • Helium/HNT
  • LINK
  • LUNA
  • Maker/MKR
  • Neo Protocol/NEO
  • Orchid/OXT
  • RUNE
  • Synthetix/SNX
  • Serum/SRM
  • VeChain/VET
  • Universal Market Access/UMA
  • Universal Bitcoin/UPBTC
  • Universal Protocol Alliance/UPT

Other Things You Can Buy on the Uphold App

On the Uphold, traders can buy and sell numerous assets other than Cryptocurrencies. These include Twenty Seven Currencies, Fifty U.S Stocks, and Four Precious Metals.

Security Features on Uphold

Uphold boasts of Robust Security. The Company states that security is imprinted in its DNA. With security being the laser focus of Uphold, traders can rest assured that their money and information are in safe hands. Uphold integrates security into its Systems and Culture.

The following are the critical elements of Uphold’s Security

Access and Encryption

The platform has what is known as “layered defense.” These defenses help to limit the range and depth of attacks. In addition, the App has state-of-the-art encryption.

Testing and Auditing

As a routine check, security professionals conduct security audits of the platform and do penetration testing of the system.

Third-Party Due Diligence

Uphold makes sure that all its providers undergo diligence checks. Extra caution is placed on incorporations involving sensitive information.

Personnel Check

To make sure that all your data is protected, especially from an internal breach, the Uphold team is checked by an accredited vendor. Also, the team undergoes compulsory security and privacy training. This training is done from time to time to intimate the team with the latest security measures.

BugBounty Program

Uphold has a BugBounty Program to protect the platform from data breaches. Members of the public are encouraged to report a bug via the Bugbounty program for rewards. The bug bounty program is called Intigriti and is open to every member of the public.

Identity Verification: Customers are compelled to carry out a KYC verification to keep their transactions secure.

Strong Password: Strong passwords are a requirement for registration on the Uphold App. Email verification is also done if malicious activity is detected.

Two Factor Authentication

Traders are advised to set up two-factor authentication as an extra layer of protection if they forget their login or passwords.

Uphold Crypto Free $50

Benefits To Using the Uphold App for Crypto

The Uphold app offers a lot of advantages for trading crypto such as the convenience of being able to withdraw funds immediately to a bank-issued debit card. This is particularly a massive attraction for traders.

Traders enjoy the advantage of Zero commission on trades being carried out on the App. Traders can use the App to fund their credit cards. This funding is free, and it sets a standard for the Crypto industry where the average fee is 3.99%. Uphold has a feature known as the AutoPilot. This automates trading by allowing traders to create recurring buying and selling orders. Traders who make use of the Brave Browser are entitled to Basic Attention Tokens. This reward is given based on the trader’s browsing habits.

Final Thoughts

The Uphold app is quite a fantastic app for traders that are looking to trade commodities other than cryptocurrencies. It has a seamless user interface that can be mastered from seconds to minutes. You can start your seamless trading journey today by clicking here.


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