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VAVA MOOV 25 Bluetooth Earphones Review

The VAVA MOOV 25 bluetooth earphones are a thing of beauty. They are great for working out, but also good for just sitting around listening to music. I’m definitely a bit more on the sitting around side, but if your a runner these would make a great asset to your daily jog. We will have some live video you can check out below as we cover more of the benefits to using them.

1. The thing I really love about the VAVA MOOV 25 bluetooth earphones are there sleek design. They are nice fitting earbuds that will stay in firmly and quite comfortably. You will also get some extra ear pieces if they ones on them don’t fit perfectly which is a huge bonus. Some of the other things you will receive in the packaging are a charging cable and user manual.

2. As far as battery life these are also quite impressive. When fully charged which takes roughly 1.5 hours you can expect to get about 9 hours of battery life. These are also water and sweat proof as well. If you plan on using them outside in the rain they can definitely take a splash.

3. The VAVA MOOV 25 bluetooth earphones have some excellent sound quality. The audio that comes out of these is quite smooth compared to other earbuds I had previously used. There is also volume control, track skipping, and a pause button on these as well.

4. The last great feature on these are the built in magnets. Yes that’s right these are magnetized allowing you to keep them together without getting tangled. They also hang nicely around your neck when you need to put them down for awhile. This can also prevent them from getting lost.

With some closing comments on our VAVA MOOV 25 bluetooth earphones review we think these are a masterpiece. They have a great sleek design, are both water and sweat proof, provide up to 9 hours of battery life, and play some smooth high def audio. They also have that magnetic feature which keeps them together without getting tangled. With a price tag of around $40 we definitely think these are a big win.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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