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Vtin R2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Vtin R2 may just be one of the best mid range speakers I’ve used to date. It has a sleek design with some great sound quality for the price. Right now it sells for right around $20, but can easily be compared to more expensive brand names. As we get into the benefits to using it you can check out our video review directly below.

The Vtin R2 currently comes in 3 different colors. The options being black / red, blue, and red. It has a hard pc body with a smooth matte finish. The matte has a nice feel to it which it makes it nice to carry around. Its also the perfect size for an office desk, night stand, or living room.

You can expect a really good battery life on this speaker at around 20 hours. It can also reach a distance of around 33 feet when connecting to bluetooth. One extra added feature is that its IPX6 waterproof. This basically means that it cannot be completely submerged, but can take a splash or two.

The sound quality on this speaker is one of its biggest strengths. It has some very smooth audio, and an enhanced bass button on the top of it. The bass button does actually make quite a difference as you can see in our above video.

With some closing comments on our Vtin R2 Bluetooth Speaker review we thinks its a solid choice. It has a price point that’s hard to beat at $20 only. Its biggest strengths are its sleek design, excellent battery life, and great sound. You can place it literally anywhere in your house, but its even small enough to carry around. You can check out some of the latest prices on it here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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