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Wealthsimple App Review 2019

The Wealthsimple app is a great way to start investing in 2019 and beyond. If your new to investing or experienced this a great way to start building your wealth passively. Wealthsimple currently manages over 1 billion in client funds, and have no minimums to get started. You can setup automatic deposits on a recurring basis, or card roundups which we will get into a bit later. As we get into the benefits to using this app be sure to checkout our video directly below.

Upon signing up on Wealthsimple app which you can do here you will be asked a series of questions. You will need to select your country, investment goals, value of current assets, and some other questions. Once you fill out that information you will be put in a portfolio mixed with ETF’s. If your unfamiliar with ETF’s they are basically a mixed bag of stocks and bonds. From what i have experienced so far you will likely make between 2-5 percent on any money you put into your account. While there are no guarantees its typically what I have experienced.

Some other features you can expect using the Wealthsimple app are reinvested dividends, ease of use via there mobile app, and no minimums to get started. The fee’s for accounts with balances under 100,000 are going to be 0.5 percent. To me this seems more than fair since they do all of the heavy lifting for you.

With some closing comments on our Wealthsimple app review for 2019 I think everyone should be using it. Robo advisors are continuously gaining traction with individuals who want to make a habit of growing there wealth. The fact that you can setup recurring deposits, and card round ups will get you in the habit of both saving / investing. Signing up is free which you can do here.

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