What Is a Jackpot Sit N Go?

If you’re wondering what a jackpot sit n go is we’re here to help. First off these types of games have taken poker rooms and poker apps by storm. They are a new tournament format that will let you win way more than you initially buy in for. For example you will see in our video directly below how a $7 buy in can have a payout as high as $8000. This definitely keeps things pretty spicy.

If you’re looking for a place to play this type of sit n go Bovada would be our top recommendation. They are currently the number one betting site in the US, and are backed by Bodog Gaming which has been in business for over 20 years. Basically they are very reputable.

Circling back to what jackpot sit n go’s are I can tell you they have become my favorite addiction. You will play against 2 other players with a chip stack of 500. Blind levels go up every 3 minutes making it a very fast paced game setting. You will constantly be shoving with ace high type of hands, pocket pairs, or even suited connectors if it makes sense. Winning these types of games comes down to small edges. You can build up these edges by playing them over and over until you start to master the ins and outs.

While I wouldn’t exactly call myself an expert at these types of tournaments I am getting better. Bovada also offers one of the best mobile apps for playing real money games on your phone. You can change table colors, card decks, and enable things like auto muck. The experience on your phone is always smooth with no lag what so ever.

If you were wondering what a jack pot sit n go was we hope this helped. This type of tournament structure offers a fast pace way to play with large payouts. If you would like to learn more about playing on Bovada click here.

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