Which Otterbox Is Best For Iphone X?

If your asking which Otterbox is best for iphone x were here to help. Otterbox offers a few different lines of cases such as the defender, commuter, symmetry, pursuit, strada, and statement. Each one of these is different from the other, but the one we want to focus on is the commuter. We will go over 3 solid reasons this is the best overall Otterbox series to be using on your iphone x.

1. For those asking which Otterbox is best for iphone x the commuter is our top pick. It currently comes in 4 different colors which are black, pink, indigo blue, and aqua. This case has the signature Apple logo cutout which I simply love, and is easily one of the most stylish designs they offer. Its perfect for sliding in and out of your pocket for easy use, and also great for gripping.

2. One of the major reasons the commuter is our favorite is because it provides style and protection without being bulky. Otterbox has been known for there bulky cases over the years, but you get the protection and style factor with this case. This case will provide some of the best drop protection of any case its size, and also prevent cracks and scratches with ease. This is just another thing to think about if your asking which Otterbox is best for iphone x. You essentially get great protection with a very stylish design which you simply cannot beat.

3. The commuter is a 2 piece case. It has an outer hard shell which you take off, and then a a soft tpu that wraps onto your iphone. This is a case that will really keep your iphone x in great condition to take on the daily grind. Its also relatively light weight at around 1.8 ounces. This case also comes with a nice 1 year warranty as well.

For those asking which Otterbox is best for iphone x we definitely hope you consider the commuter series. It has one of the best signature looks out of all the series they provide, comes in 4 different colors, and of course provides some great protection. It makes for a great everyday use case that’s as we mentioned easy for taking in and out of your pocket. It also of course still comes with that gorgeous Apple logo cutout which is another great feature. Bottom line here is that your thinking about getting an Otterbox case go with the commuter!

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