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Why Does Bovada Use Bitcoin?

by edward

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If your wondering why Bovada uses Bitcoin it will all make sense in a minute. Most online gaming sites prefer Bitcoin for one main reason. That reason of course being low processing fee’s! It’s all about them making the most money possible, but the good news is that this saving is passed on to players. For example if a player were to make a deposit with visa they could be paying up to 3 percent fee’s. However when a player uses Bitcoin to deposit the fee’s are minimal at best. This is why they also offer up some generous first time deposit bonuses when you use Bitcoin. As we go over some of the benefits to signing up with them you can see some of our live poker game play directly below.

Who Are They?

Bovada has become a staple for bettors all around the world. They have been operating now for close to a decade, and built a solid reputation among-st players. I have personally enjoyed playing with them since they first opened, and have had nothing but a great experience. In fact if you searched any message board online your not going to find anything negative about them. It also helps there backed by Bodog which is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world.

  • Close To a Decade In Business
  • Great Rewards Program for Players
  • Backed By Bodog Gaming


If your still wondering why Bovada uses Bitcoin understand the world of finance is evolving. Bitcoin has been referred to by some as digital gold. For me its just a way to make transactions with some juicy bonuses on Bovada. Ha, okay while I am kidding they actually do have some amazing bonus options for using Bitcoin. They are making a strong push to get both new and recurring players to use it as the main deposit and withdrawal method. If your looking to get yourself a Bitcoin wallet for the first time we recommend using Coinbase.

  • Preferred Method for Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Lowest Processing Fee’s
  • Works Well With Coinbase


If you enjoy playing Texas Holdem Bovada has one of the best poker rooms online. They have incredible software for both mobile and desktop. You can play games with buy ins that range from $2 all the way up to $2000. They also offer up a juicy 1.5 million in weekly tournament prizes. You can customize table colors and card decks while playing as well. They even have some fancy auto mucking and chat box features which add to the fun.

  • Amazing Poker Software
  • Works Great On Mobile
  • 1.5 Million In Weekly Tournament Prizes

Sport Betting

If sport betting is your thing they cover both American and European sporting events. Those include MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MMA, Boxing, Cricket, and Soccer just to name a few. They have all crazy types of prop bets on the platform as well. While I consider myself more of a poker player I do make the occasional sport bet on a big event. Placing bets is pretty straight forward as it can be done through your pc or mobile phone.

  • Easy To Place Bets
  • American Sports
  • European Sports

Slot Games

Right now you can choose to play over 120 plus different slot games. Each one has its own custom theme and music. I have a couple favorites right now being Cyber Punk City and Caesar’s Victory. The games load quickly and are great to play on mobile. Each one also has its own bonus game and jackpot prize. The slots are definitely fun and worth playing if that’s your thing.

  • 120 Plus Slot Games
  • Custom Themes
  • Big Jackpot Payouts

Cash Outs

So circling back to why Bovada uses Bitcoin and getting paid. As of right now you can make deposits via any major credit card or Bitcoin. On the other end you can make cash outs via Bitcoin and bank-wire. Bitcoin withdrawals are going to be the fastest option at under 24 hours in most cases. It will also have the lowest fee’s. You will be limited to doing 1 cash out every 3 business days.

  • Bitcoin or Credit Card Deposits
  • Bitcoin & Bank-Wire Withdrawals
  • Bitcoin Payouts In Under 24 Hours

Final Thoughts

If you were wondering why Bovada uses Bitcoin we hope this helped. Its clearly becoming a go to method for most online gaming companies. They also have generous first time deposit bonus which you can get by clicking here.



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