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Why Don’t Iphone Users Switch Over To Android? – Fliptroniks.com

Iphone users typically don’t switch over to android for a few main reasons. For one if there not due for an upgrade there not going to want to spend the extra money just to switch over to a new phone. The next thing would be that there comfortable using ios and itunes. Alot of iphone users have been with apple for along time and have downloaded tons of apps and put lots of money into the app store. If they switched over to android they would have to repurchase all those apps. Last reason is that they dont want to go through the learning curve of having to learn how to use an android phone. It may seem like that would not be a big deal, but the cell phone market has matured to a point where samsung and apple have a lock on who there users are and what they want. Once there comfortable using the ios platform it can be very hard to get them to switch over.

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