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Wormster Dash IOS Review

Wormster Dash must be one of the weirdest games I have ever played and I love it! It has its own beautifully themed world where you will constantly be getting chased by a giant worm. The game will freak you out at times, but I can promise you its one of the most addicting games I have played this year. You can check out some of our game play directly below, but also give the game a download here.

Wormster Dash on ios i a beautiful hand drawn master piece. You can’t help but notice how great this game looks after playing it just for a couple of minutes. Upon starting you will be immediately be chased by a huge creepy looking worm who is trying to eat you at all times. The giant worm will definitely freak you out at first but its all in good fun.

Wormster Dash on ios is an endless runner that will keep you trying to get a higher and higher score. These type of games are super addictive, and are also great for picking up and playing whenever you get some free time. You can see in the video above exactly how this works, but I myself have started to get better at it with practice.

With some closing comments on our Wormster Dash ios review we think its definitely a win. It will have you wrapped up into its worm eating paradise, and keep you at the tip of your fingers constantly trying to make the next right step. Each time you do a run through in this game you will continue to get a little bit better. I am a big fan of what the developers were going for here, and anybody that likes a challenging yet extremely fun game should definitely check this one out.

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