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WWE: Champions – Free Puzzle RPG Iphone App Review

WWE Champions Free Puzzle Rpg iphone app is a pretty fun puzzle game. We have seen lots of these types of games come out in the last month or so which is not at all a bad thing. This game has a WWE theme to it in which you start off with the Rock as your main character, and then get to use John Cena. The learning curve to this game is pretty easy, and won’t take longer then a couple of minutes to figure out. There is a brief tutorial for how to play the game which will last a couple of minutes. After that you should get the hang of it pretty quickly.

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What I like about the wwe champions free puzzle rpg iphone app is that it won’t cost you anything to purchase. The game is completely free to play, and will try to entice you with some in app purchases. As long as you take some time and play the game straight up it will not be at all necessary to do this. The game is level based so you will earn points and coins that you can use to upgrade and unlock new characters. They have every WWE character you can think of in this game as well as some old school classics.

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The WWE Champions Free Puzzle Rpg iphone app is very much a strategy game as it is a puzzle game. You will have to make the correct amount of moves in a fast enough time otherwise you will lose that particular level. I like this kind of game because it will make you think, but also keep you on your toes to think strategically. This game also has tag matches as well as an online game play mode where you can play against other people which is pretty cool. The game is currently nearing a 100k downloads as of this writing, and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Its getting mainly 5 star reviews as well which means people are liking it.

Overall the WWE Champions Free Puzzle Rpg is a fun game for killing some time when you have nothing to do. Its also a great option for anyone who is into a really fun puzzle strategy game. Even though as we already mentioned that a lot of these types of games have come out as of late this one should be passed up. Its currently available for free download, and absolutely worth checking out!

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