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Xbox Game Pass Review – Is It Worth Subscribing To In 2023?

by edward

The Xbox Game Pass can be likened to the popular Netflix streaming platform. In this case, it is an online service that offers access to a variety of video games. On this Microsoft-owned platform, you can stream games by paying a monthly subscription fee, which is quite an innovative idea.

On this platform, gamers have access to a catalog of over 100 titles of video games while in the subscription period. However, once the subscription ends, you lose access to the catalog of games. The main idea of the Xbox Game Pass is to make the whole process of obtaining recent video games to be much less cumbersome. Thus, while other platforms may require the use of emulators, this system allows its users to easily have access to console-downloaded games for a limited time.

History Of Xbox Game Pass

Launched early in 2017, Microsoft introduced the Xbox Game Pass as a way for users to have easier access to a wide catalog of video games. This catalog came in the form of a subscription and it was well-received by users upon its launch. In fact, midway into the year, the Xbox Pass was so much sought after that it was made available to all gamers and not only those who initially rented it during the first installment.

The subscription plan was then put into effect via a website called the Xbox Live Gold. This way, gamers paid a monthly fee to partake in the many games made available by Microsoft. Fast forward to the first few months of 2018, Microsoft introduced an update to the platform. This update made it simpler for players to purchase video games easily and on a daily basis. With this, it became possible for subscribers to obtain these games on retail.

As such, one of the first titles to debut in this catalog was “Sea Of Thieves”. Other titles that became available for retail purchase were “Crackdown” and “State of Decay”. After the first quarter of 2018, more games appeared and the catalog has been increasing ever since.

Playing Xbox Games on Mobile – Is Awesome!

One thing that places the Xbox Pass as one of the top dogs is the fact that it is also offered on mobile devices. Thus, subscribers who are also Android and iOS users can play their favorite Xbox games on their mobiles.

To have access to the mobile versions, gamers can download the mobile app on the respective app stores for both Android and iOS devices. However, note that the mobile app is only available to subscribers based in regions where it is currently sold. Also, both the Android and iOS mobile app versions have unique features.

Once the mobile app is installed, subscribers must sign in with their Microsoft accounts to play and purchase games. Immediately after this is done, players can choose from the over 100 top-notch titles and complete quests to earn rewards.

5 Benefits of Playing Xbox Games on Mobile

1. Gaming On the Go

Of all the major benefits of playing Xbox on mobile, the most important is that it gives you the ability to play on the go. This implies that gamers who wish to play their favorite games can do so without being connected directly to the Xbox console. Rather, they can access the catalog from the comfort of their phones.

With a single tap, it is very possible to engage your favorite games while having access to the same features provided on the Xbox Pass. Features like purchasing games, subscription renewals, in-game purchases, as well as downloadable content can be done directly from the app.

2. Chatting Made Easy

Another major advantage of playing on mobile is that you get to connect and chat with other people in the gaming community. This way, players can get to meet new people which helps in developing and improving their social skills. With the provision of live chats via headsets, you will find that it is easier to now discuss with other players. Moreover, sometimes forums related to the games could be organized and this helps create a sense of belonging.

While this may be seemingly unimportant, it is actually very relevant especially when applied to real-life experiences. The ability to chat even while under pressure can be applied to communicating clearly with others which in turn helps in networking.

3. No Outstanding Specs Needed

An upside to playing on mobile devices as opposed to PC is that there are no minimum or maximum requirements needed to operate on the device. This is because the games are already uploaded to the cloud’s server and so players can engage anytime using any device.

However, this is only possible if there is a steady network connection to the server. Without a speedy and stable network connection, one may struggle with this method as outsourced servers require more data compared to the standard ones. Once this is made available, you can connect from anywhere in the globe so long as it is under the provider’s terms and as long as you are in a supported region.

4. Easily View Achievements

Achievements are like checkpoints guiding you on how far you have gone in the game. These achievements can be easily monitored using the mobile app which in turn helps to confirm your progress. With the app, you can check out the leaderboards and compare your ranking with that of friends and other competitors. Additionally, you can also use the filter feature to sort out your most important achievements while playing on the go.

5. Sharing Of Game Clips

For players who wish to share clips and screenshots from the console, the best way to do that is via the app. This way, you get to view all your freeze frames in one place along with the chance to share them to Xbox chat rooms as well as activity feeds. Moreover, if you wish, you can share them on other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

How Many Games Are Available?

With the Xbox Game Pass, gaming has never been more immersive or varied. Players who are subscribed to this Microsoft platform enjoy free access to more than 100 high-quality titles to play from the cloud.

In addition to these, Microsoft’s most recent integrations of both Bethesda and Activision assure the release of more titles. Moreover, since these two are major publishers, this implies that their very vast range of assets is now a part of the Xbox Pass. Thus, titles like Perfect Dark, State of Decay 3, Fable, Avowed, and The Outer Worlds 2 are projects that are now a part of the Xbox catalog. With this in mind, subscribers can proudly rejoice in the fact that there is never a shortage of video games while playing on this Microsoft-owned platform.

Is It Free?

No, the Xbox Pass is not free; rather, it requires a subscription plan charged monthly and this is relatively cheap. Essentially, this subscription allows you to download the games from the platform so the gamer can play even without being online.

Furthermore, on this platform, gamers get the option of extending their monthly subscription but first, they must void the monthly amount assigned. If this is not done, the downloaded games will be removed from the device on which it is installed. It is also important to note that gamers newly using the Xbox Game Pass are not required to pay for the very first subscription. However, this free subscription lasts only for 15 days after which the player must pay the required monthly fee to enjoy playing games.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Microsoft gives other gaming platforms a run for their money with the Xbox Game Pass. To learn more, simply sign up to play and purchase immersive games to get a very satisfying experience.

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