Xenvo Iphone Lens Review

In this xenvo iphone lens review we will be going over some of key benefits to why this is such an awesome product. First off lets get into some of the reasons you might want to try out a phone lens. These types of accessories are great for anyone who loves iphone photography. You will have the ability to take farther away pictures without getting that grainy effect, and also be able to get a more wide angled view on any picture you take. You can then upload your picture to where ever you like such as facebook, instagram, twitter, or even your own blog. The xenvo is currently top rated on amazon in the camera category and for good reason which is that its amazing! We have a detailed video below of exactly how this thing works, but would also like to point out some of the key benefits to using it.

1. The xenvo iphone lens is made of aluminum alloy and glass. One of the first things I noticed about this item is that it has an extremely nice build to it. It attaches to the back of your iphone camera with an easy to put on clip on. The clip on is very firm and grips the back of your iphone camera nicely. It also comes with a protective cap for both the front and back when its not in use. This was definitely a bonus since I had already tried out some lenses with no protective cap to them. Another great thing about the build of this lens is that it has a protective coating on the front of it that helps protect against finger print smudges.

2. The xenvo iphone lens will also give you up to a 12.5x zoom on any pictures you take. This can help you get some beautiful shots for up close pictures, and also get away from the grainy effect of using the auto zoom feature on your iphone. This can really help get as much detail as possible on any pictures you might take. Just look at the picture below of how great this accessory is. This picture was taken with the xenvo in action.

3. Since this is a wide angle lens we already mentioned earlier that you can get up to 45 percent more of any picture you take. You can see from some of the images below of how awesome this looks. Its great for travel scenery, landscapes, architecture, and pet photos, or even a quick dinner photo.

4. The glass on this lens is coated to also minimize reflections and smudges from your fingers. It is also mirrorless which is ideal for anyone who is a photography pro. One last thing that’s great about this lens is that it comes with a protective case you can carry for it when its not in use. This is another bonus since its another thing I had not seen when purchasing a lens.

Then xenvo iphone lens is will fit on the back of any iphone camera nicely. Its one of those great accessories for anyone who loves photography, and hopefully you can see with the example of the pictures we have provided. This item is also sitting nicely with over 500 5 star reviews currently on amazon which speaks a lot for how credible it is. You can also check out some of the live footage of us using this below.

For some closing comments on our xenvo iphone lens review we would like to point out that this is a must for anyone who loves photography. With an aluminum alloy build, 12.5x zoom capabilities, super wide angle views, and an easy to place clip on this is a must have accessory. You can check this one out on amazon here, but also don’t forget to check us out on youtube for all things iphone as well![/vc_column_text]

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