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Xenvo Squidgrip Tripod Review

The Xenvo SquidGrip Tripod is easily one of the best camera accessories I have used in awhile. Having tested out many tripods I found this one to be impressive since it works with phones, dslr cameras, and even gopros. I also have to say that I love the name SquidGrip since it definitely suits this accessory. We will have a video review below you can check out as we get into the benefits to using this camera accessory.

One of the first things we have to talk about is its design. The reason it has the name SquidGrip is because its legs will move in just about any direction. You can wrap them completely around anything, or bend them to take the perfect shot. The legs are very flexible but at the same time very durable. You will have 3 different color choices being black, red, and white.

The Xenvo SquidGrip Tripod is great for both photography and recording video. It comes with different attachments that allow you to connect a phone, dslr camera, or gopro. Once connected you will be able to get complete 360 degree rotation which you can see in our above video. It will work with any phone you might have even plus size phones.

With some closing comments on our Xenvo SquidGrip Tripod review I definitely think its a must purchase. If your into photography or shooting video this is just a super solid accessory. It is completely flexible allowing you to get just about any angle, and also works with multiple devices. It currently sells for around $30 and comes with a nice 18 month warranty. Xenvo also sells some cool phone lenses which you can check out here.


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