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XVIDA Wireless Charging Pad for Iphone X Review

by Fliptroniks

The XVIDA Wireless Charging PadĀ for iphone x is one of the coolest accessories I have ever owned. It is essentially an accessory combo that comes with a magnetized case that also attaches to the wireless charger. I definitely have to give them props for coming up with such a cool idea since there is nothing else like it being sold currently. We will have some live video you can check out below as we go over some of the many benefits to using this charging combo.

1. The XVIDA Wireless Charging Pad for iphone x provides magnetic locking that keeps it completely centered. You will need to be using there custom iphone x case in order for it to work properly, but as you can see in our live video it works extremely well. Once you have the charging pad turned on it lights up green which also looks very cool. You can also expect to receive a 40% faster charge when using it then with a traditional charger.

2. You will have the opportunity to mount this to any wall with a sticky adhesive it has on its backside. The adhesive is very strong and will not leave any residue when you choose to take it down and move elsewhere. As you can see in the picture below it looks pretty freaking slick.

With some closing comments on our XVIDA Wireless Charging Pad for iphone x review we think its an awesome accessory combo. The actual wireless charger itself has a nice led light, provides fast charging, and can be mounted anywhere. When you use it with there customized iphone x case it will magnetize itself into place perfectly. With a beautiful minimalist design for both items we definitely think its a big win. You can grab both of these for under $100 here.


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