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Yukuma Power Bank Review

by Fliptroniks

In our yukuma power bank review we will be highlighting some of the key benefits to using this beast of a charger. The one thing this power bank claims to do is be the first ever to fully charge in 30 minutes. To put that in perspective it takes a normal power bank anywhere from 4-6 hours to fully charge for use, but with this baby it takes only 30 minutes. It has a quantity of 10000 mah which is the perfect size to charge a phone quickly, and also solid for charging a tablet or ipad. However this charger does have a much higher price tag on it then what is currently available, but it is also currently the fastest re charging power bank being sold online. We will giving you 4 solid reasons you might want to grab this charger, and also have a video of us using it below.

1. At first glance the yukuma power bank has a very nice build to it. Straight out of the nice packaging it comes in you will notice how sleek it looks. It has a smooth matte metal finish to it and comes in 4 different colors. You can get it in grey, gold, rose, and black. It also comes with its own unique cord and charging block. The block it comes with for charging is pretty massive which may be one of the reasons it re charges so quickly.

2. The yukuma power bank also has 2 different charging ports at the bottom of it. This will allow you to charge up to 2 devices at once. It has a button you will need to press in order to begin charging, and once pushed you will notice the blue light up on the front of it. As we already mentioned it is 10000 mah which is the perfect size for a quick charge on a phone or tablet.

3. One of the biggest reasons I love this charger is because I am constantly running around, and always find myself on low battery. This power bank has become a close friend of mine, and saved me from a dead battery more than once. It’s great for in car charging, on a counter or desk, the office, or if you travel a lot. It’s also great to have around while your working as well.

4. The last reason we love the yukuma power bank is because its a beast. It is a bit on the larger side for a power bank, but the fact that it re charges so quickly makes up for any negatives which there are few. You can also see some our live review of this charger in use below as well.

Just to recap on some of the benefits to using the yukuma power bank it re charges up to 10 times faster than anything else on the market, has 2 ports for fast charging, great for anyone on the go a lot, comes in 4 colors, and comes with a 12 month warranty. This item is currently picking up a lot of positive feedback on amazon, and if your looking for the perfect power bank we absolutely recommend the yukuma 10000 mah. We would also appreciate if you subscribed to us on youtube for more things tech!

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