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Zendure A3TC Power Bank Review

The Zendure A3TC Power Bank is a super slick accessory. It has a stylish crush proof design unlike anything that’s available in the charging category. Its so strong in fact that it was tested by being run over by a car without breaking. I have decided to nick name this charger the hulk because its so freaking strong. While we had not actually run it over with a car ourselves we did do some minor drop tests with it. You can actually check out the live video below, and also more in depth features on this handy little accessory.

The Zendure A3TC Power Bank made a great first impression on me since it was beautifully packaged. It currently comes in 2 different colors being both black and silver. It has a nice rugged design that makes holding it in your hand very easy. It weighs around 6 ounces making it also very light weight as well.

This is also a very drop friendly accessory. Even after some rough drops I found that it did not scuff or alter the charger in anyway. It was actually quite impressive, but if you ever did end up damaging it there is an 18 month warranty. Some other benefits to using the Zendure A3TC Power Bank are that it comes in 10000mah charging capacity. This basically means that it will charge a phone a lot faster than something with less input. It also has some amazing batter life lasting upwards of 8 hours after we used it.

With some closing comments on our Zendure A3TC Power Bank review we think this could be the strongest charger on the market. It has a nice sleek design, comes in 2 different colors, and will provide a nice fast charger. Its also nice that it comes with an 18 month warranty if you ever run into any problems. We do have one recommendation however, and that is that they change the name of this power bank to the hulk!

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