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ZEROLEMON ToughJuice Wireless Battery Pack Review

by edward

The ZEROLEMON ToughJuice Wireless Battery pack is extremely cool. This isn’t your typical charger since it works both as a power bank and wirelessly. It has multiple ports for charging phones, tablets, and ipads simultaneously. Honestly investing in one of these types of accessories can take care of all your low battery life problems.


The ZEROLEMON ToughJuice is massive! Your not going to be able to carry this around in your back pocket, but that’s not what it was made for. It comes in all black and has a smooth matte finish. It is also very durable to withstand drops with cushioned outer corners. Overall its a sleek design.

Wireless Charging

Not only does this work as a battery pack but also as a wireless charger. Its kind of like getting a 2 for 1 deal. The charger has 4 ports to plug into on its side, but you can also place your phone down on it to get a wireless charge. Once your phone is placed down for wireless charging it stays in place perfectly. And yes it will wirelessly charge if your using a case on your phone.

What Its Best For

Using a battery pack is great for on the go charging. You can use one of these on trips or in your car. While your at home you can also place one of them on a work desk, countertop, or night stand. Since we all have to deal with low battery issues owning one of these is a great investment.

Final Thoughts

The ZEROLEMON ToughJuice Wireless Battery Pack is a great charging accessory. In total you have 5 different ways to charge devices at a time. It also comes with a nice sleek design, and built to withstand drops. You can check out the latest pricing on it by clicking here.

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