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ZOEE S1 Bluetooth Speaker Review

by Fliptroniks

In our ZOEE S1 bluetooth speaker review we will be going over the many benefits to using this product. If you haven’t had a chance to pickup a bluetooth speaker for your living room, bedroom, office, or night stand this might be the perfect time. We will also have some live footage below of this baby in use.

1. The first thing we would like to go over is the build and design. Straight out of the box this speaker will definitely make an impression on you. It has a smooth matte finish, grippers on the bottom to hold it in place, and an awesome designed curvy speaker display. The curved display is made of hard plastic which is super slick. It also has a blue line going across the entire front of it. If your wondering if this is at all stylish you better believe it!

2. The ZOEE S1 bluetooth speaker also has some great quality hd sound. When you have this on its highest setting it does not distort or get fuzzy. In fact I was surprised by how good the quality really was on this. It also has some really good bass on it for when you really have it cranked up. You can see the live footage below on exactly how it sounds.

3. This speaker also has some really good battery life on it. Overall when on a full charge you should be able to get about 10 hours of playback on it. We also forgot to mention that it comes with a usb cord for charging as well. You can also get about 30 feet of distance for connecting to it. As far as connectivity it was pretty straight forward on the iphone we used which was just to open up the bluetooth option and connect.

4. The ZOEE S1 bluetooth speaker also comes with a hefty 2 year warranty which is awesome. Anytime you buy an electronic there is always a chance it will defect at some point. If you ever run into a problem they will have no problem sending you a replacement. However I have no such issues yet.

With some closing comments on the ZOEE S1 bluetooth speaker review we think this is a great budget speaker. It is top rated on amazon and perfect for a party, car ride, outdoors, living room, bedroom, or office desk. Its also super sleek and has some seriously great high def audio / bass! You can grab yours by clicking here.

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