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AOMAIS Wide Angle Lens Review

The AOMAIS Wide Angle Lens is awesome for the phone photographing enthusiast. Whether your someone who enjoys uploading pictures to Instagram or Facebook this type of camera accessory can take you to the next level. If you’ve never used a lens on the back of your phone they can help you take better close up pictures, and also help you get more wide angled shots. As we get into the benefits to using it you can see our video review directly below.

The AOMAIS Wide Angle Lens will definitely make a difference in picture quality with any phone your currently using. It attaches via an easy to use clip on, and once attached stays on firmly. It currently comes with a protective cap, and has a coating on the front glass to prevent scratches / finger print smudges. When your ready to take your first picture using it you will be given an 18x zoom, and the ability to take wide angled shots. This lens also helps capture more detail on close ups without compromising quality trying to zoom in.

One of the best add on’s to the AOMAIS Wide Lens is the attachable led light. Inside the carrying case they provide you will get an attachable led light that will help you take night photos. This is definitely something I have only seen on one other lens which is the Xenvo. I am happy to say however this light was much more effective, and comes with 6 different settings on it.

With some closing comments on our AOMAIS Wide Angle Lens review I can tell you its awesome. Being somewhat of a phone photographer junkie myself I definitely love these types of accessories. It can help you take better wide angled shots, give you great close ups, and attaches perfectly to the back of any phone. You can grab it for the nice budget friendly price of $24.99 here.

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