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Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth It?

by edward
Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth It

We’ve all asked the question if online casino bonuses are worth it. The reason is because often the rollover requirements to clear them are outrageous. Let’s use a simple example of depositing $1000 into an online casino to receive $1000 in bonus money.

A typical requirement to clear that bonus would be something like $25,000 in casino play. And that’s without losing all your money to clear it!

So, what I’m getting at is online casino bonuses can be worth it if you go for the right ones. Let’s look at 3 reasons they are worth it, and some of the most reputable online casinos and offers worth taking advantage of.

3 Reasons to Use Them

Free Money

Okay, no one is their right mind is going to complain about getting free money. Let’s be honest about that. Even a few hundred dollars is still worth getting in most cases because you have nothing to lose. The odds might be stacked against you for clearing it but at least you can try and go for it.

Try Out Different Games

Probably one of my favorite reasons is that it would allow you to test out different games without risking your real money account. Often bonuses are good for playing different slot or table games you were unsure of to begin with. By using your bonus funds, you can play these games to see if you enjoy them or not. It’s kind of a big deal when you stop and think about it.

Grow Your Bankroll

Here’s the thing, even if the odds are stacked against you to clear a free bonus if you end up doing it your bankroll will thank you later. There have been plenty of times I’ve cleared bonuses for thousands of extra dollars I otherwise would have never had. So basically, it still can be possible to clear them if you’re smart about it. Next, we’d like to go over 5 of the top bonuses you can take advantage of right now with low rollover requirements. So let’s begin.

1. Bovada Casino

Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth It

Bovada Casino has been around for a long time. We are talking about over ten years making them one of the most reputable online gaming sites in the world for over a decade. They have all kinds of games including over 150 plus slots, table games, live dealer games, and a massive poker room.

The current rollover requirements for one of their top bonus offerings are 20x in casino play or 5x in sports play. You can get up to $3000 match as a first-time player here making this offer extremely juicy. You can grab your bonus here.

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2. Ignition Casino

Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth It

Ignition Casino has become a force in the online gaming space having been around since 2016. It is fully licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission and provides all the security and encryption to keep players safe.

They provide players with a great rewards program, over 200 plus slot games, table games, live dealer, and a poker room. The biggest bonus to take advantage of is a whopping $3500 match with a 20x rollover requirement. You can grab your bonus here.

3. Slots lv Casino

Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth It

Slots lv is known for its huge list of casino and slot games. In total they have a massive catalog of over 400 games. The nice thing is they add new games every couple of weeks which keeps things fresh for regular players.

They’ve also been around for over a decade and are known for fast cash outs and a good rewards program for players. You can get a $3000 one-time match bonus with a 20x rollover requirement on their site. You can grab your bonus here.

4. Cafe Casino

Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth It

Oh, Cafe you really are the best. When you think of Cafe Casino you should think about how they became so awesome. Having been around since early 2016 they provide players with a wide list of slot games, table games, live dealer games, and specialty games like bingo.

The first-time bonus for new players is currently set at a $4000 match. You should take advantage of this one by grabbing your bonus here.

5. El Royale Casino

Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth It

Somewhat of a newcomer in the online gaming space is El Royale Casino. They have a 1920’s style Al Capone feel to their site making it unique to everything else. The game selection on here is very diverse with mainly slots and table games.

I will say the slot selection here is quite good, and they typically add new games once a week to keep things fresh for regular players. You can get a $2500 match when getting started. You can grab your bonus here.

5 Tips to Clear Rollovers

Understand the Terms and Conditions

Since no one really does this maybe you should consider it. Thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions for the bonuses you’re looking at getting.

They usually provide players with information about wagering requirements, withdrawal limits, and expiration dates. And yes, expiration dates are a real thing and usually last for 30-90 days before expiration. Look for these 5 things.

  • Wagering Requirements: This is the dollar amount that you need to apply in total for the games you’re trying to clear your bonus with. For example, if you’re betting $25 a spin and you need to clear $10,000 in play than expect to pull that lever quite a few times.
  • Game Contributions: Some games will give you more of a contribution than others. Slots often give you a 100 percent contribution while table and live dealer games could only be 50 percent. Once again something you need to look clearly at in the terms and conditions.
  • Withdrawal Limits: This is kind of a sneaky one. Some casinos put a limit on how much you can withdrawal from a bonus. If you end up winning a ton of money and clearing the bonus requirements, they may only allow you to withdrawal a portion of your winnings. While this may seem unfair you need to read the fine print once again.
  • Expiration Dates: Lastly, as we mentioned bonuses usually come with an expiration date. This means the player must play more often in a given period of time to take advantage of getting that free money. You can expect anywhere from a 30–90-day rate, but sometimes they will allow up to 6 months. It just depends on where you are playing at.

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up we believe online casino bonuses are worth it. It just comes down to finding those deals that make sense and staying away from the garbage offers. And believe me there is a ton of garbage out there that makes no sense whatsoever, and you really can’t blame casinos for trying. But realistically it comes down to reading through the fine print.

Of course, the best-case scenario is that you use one of the above offers we’ve given you and you clear them swiftly in under 90 days. If you end up doing so you will have yourself a nice, padded bankroll for trying all kinds of games.

Just remember to be responsible and play within your means. In the world of online gaming, you’re going to run hot for a while and then eventually cold. It’s best to strap in and enjoy the ride because it will be a wild one!

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