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Are Sit N Go’s Profitable? – Pro’s & Cons To Playing Them

by edward

Players who have played online poker are conversant with the sit n go format. The question is however are sit n go’s profitable?

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Over the years this has become prominent form of poker that blends in with rookie and seasoned players. Sit n go does not have a precise starting time as the tournament commences when the table is full. People who want to play are required to buy into one and wait for the table to fill with the designated number of players.

Though you can play sit n go’s for recreational purposes, its tournaments offer great flexibility to make bucks as opposed to multi-table tournaments. This is because you can incept the game when you have positive winning moods and cash out when things start going haywire. It also allows players to make huge profits within a short duration. However, players should engage extra concentration and study as players are more challenging and knowledgeable nowadays. In this article, we have articulated the types of sit n go variations, whether they are profitable, and the best avenue to play.

6 Max Sit N Go’s

This is one of the most prevalent sit n go poker games that is ideal for high stakes. This is because of the reduced number of regulars and volume. It differs from full ring games as players are required first to play tight and then incorporate an aggressive strategy as they approach the end.

6 max sit n go favors aggressive players as it involves plenty and fast action. 33% of the participants mint from playing the game, while 16% get a 3.5x return on their initial stake. The main reason for not playing tight for long is that there are numerous blinds compared to normal games. Thus, players who wait for perfect hands tend to lower their chances of reaping the best.

Playing every hand may also dent your stack despite the need to play aggressively. You are required to gauge and pick your spots wisely and overcome the opponents. Buying the button is also a substantial strategy in 6 max sit n go as it puts you in a powerful position. Finally, you can pressure your opponents when you are three-handed. Most players try to reach the top two. Hence, you can counter them by picking a high percentage of blinds that elevates your chances of winning.

9 Person Sit N Go

In this sit n go variation, the top three players get paid. Thus, players should play accordingly to feature in the payable zone. The blinds are key in maneuvering in the 9 person sit n go tournaments. Phase 1 entails levels 1 to 4 and requires one to play very tight. Here, you can fold many hands and play when you have a premium hand.

Phase 2 ranges between levels 5 and 7 where you incorporate tight/aggressive techniques. In this phase, you should play to build the stack, which provides an upper hand in winning the tournament.

Phase 3 is regarded as the best of all and involves level 8+. In this phase, three players are left in the game, and one that goes out first losses the bubble. Stealing blinds is a highly effective strategy as it enables you to garner the stack. You should be reasonably aggressive, especially with playable hands. In addition, only raise when you deem it as right.

Heads Up Sit N Go

If your still wondering if sit n go’s are profitable lets take a look at heads up. Heads up sit n go (HUSNGs) involves two players who can play after the game breaks and remain on the table. It can also be played when two players start a game and face each other. It comes in three forms: Regular HUSNGs, Turbo HUSNGs, and Hyper Turbo HUSNG. These variations have distinct skills which players ought to scrutinize and determine their best fit. In all honesty some of the best sit n go players in the world have profited the most from heads up games. It’s something to consider if you decide to take sit n go’s more seriously.

Regular HUSNGs has the highest profit margins as it has a deep average stack size which creates more room for play. A robust player can achieve a return on investment (ROI) of up to 12%.

Turbo HUSNGs have twice the speed of Regular HUSNGs, making it difficult to match a double-digit ROI. It has an average ROI of 3% to 9%. In Hyper Turbo, players mostly attain a ROI of 1% to 5%.

Is Sit N Go Poker Profitable?

Sit n go poker games have demonstrated a higher probability of making quick bucks within a short period. Most players claim that it is easier to gain profits while playing poker. However, there are other great money-making opportunities presented by cash games. Sit n go games are slowly diminishing, and cash games have numerous advantages, as discussed below.

Benefits To Playing Cash Games Over Sit N Go’s

When you incept the poker world, there are many game options that you can play. Cash games possess a wide array of merits from a financial dimension than sit n go. Cash games have the lowest variance amount, provide the largest edge, and players can gain a consistent form of winning.

In sit n go tournaments, players have limited control of the game, and there is a lower percentage of winning percentage than cash games. In addition, players can make substantial profits in sit n go’s by playing huge volumes of hands and games. Poker players who have recorded immense success dwell on cash games more than sit n go’s. Playing cash games also helps one garner skills that can aid them to compete in top-tier poker tournaments.

Best Poker Sites

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  3. BetOnline Poker – Claim Bonus

1. Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker is a superb choice for players from the United States. Ignition has some of the fastest poker games online, with quick gameplay that gets you into the action right away. The site also offers fantastic rewards and bonuses to its US players. You can get started on Ignition Poker here.


  • They have a big game library for customers to choose from.
  • They can accommodate up to 3,000 players online at the same time
  • They host a tournament for VIP members to compete against one another


  • Their sign-up bonus is small compared to other poker casinos

2. Bovada Poker

Bovada Poker offers fantastic games with quick gameplay that immediately puts you into action. In addition, it has a great rewards program and accepts Bitcoin as an easy deposit option for US players. They have also been operating for over a decade which makes them extremely reputable. You can get started on Bovada Poker here.


  • Players from the USA are eligible to play
  • You get up to a 100% bonus when you deposit up to $500
  • There’s a racebook and a sportsbook
  • They have a very good payout rate
  • Players can play with their mobiles


  • Anonymous Games

3. BetOnline Poker

BetOnline Poker is an impressive site for USA players looking to play online poker. This room offers many games and styles, so you will have a wide variety of choices in finding the best match possible. The software is easy to use and gives you complete control over your gaming experience. You can get started on BetOnline Poker here.


  • Players will get a 100% bonus on their first deposits
  • They accept the most widely used digital currencies
  • They are one of the most reputable casinos in the USA


  • They charge 6% on every deposit made with Credit Card

Final Thoughts

If you were wondering if sit n go’s are profitable we hope this helped you out. Poker has numerous options to engage in, such as sit n go’s, among others. The game is prominent as you can make quick bucks within a short period. Additionally, players can creep in anytime and cash out after identifying that the game is getting tougher. Nonetheless, cash games have demonstrated better chances of minting as they have lower variance amounts, provide a larger edge, and players can establish a dominant scheme of achieving winnings. Whatever format of poker you end up choosing good luck on the virtual felt!

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