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Best Iphone – Which Model Should You Buy?

by edward

Iphones continue to be some of the best phones one can use. With several models available to purchase, it can however be quite a task to select which one to purchase. This list compiles the best Iphone models to purchase right now.

Best Iphones To Buy – Summarized List

Iphone 13

best iphones to buy

The iPhone 13 is no doubt the best iPhone to purchase for most people. Sporting the same display size as its pro sibling, the iPhone 13 is nearly indistinguishable from the iPhone 13 pro when observed from the front. You notice the difference when you turn the phones around and notice that the regular 13 has one less camera than the 13 pro. The omission of a single camera doesn’t make the iPhone 13 a slouch at capturing photos and videos though as it is capable of turning out images of stunning quality. It is powered by the same A14 bionic chip as its pro siblings, meaning you can expect the same zippy, lag-free performance in even the most demanding applications. The only other difference besides the cameras is the display as the 13’s display doesn’t have a high refresh rate. This will go unnoticed by most people though and doesn’t make the iPhone 13 less desirable in any way, especially has it can be purchased for about $200 less than the iPhone 13 pro. You can buy the Iphone 13 here.


  • Amazing performance
  • Excellent speakers


  • Lacks a high refresh display
  • Lacks the telephoto camera found on the pros

Iphone 13 Pro

best iphones to buy

The iPhone 13 Pro phones are the latest and greatest from Apple. They are the top-spec of the Apple line-up and are specced out with all the best that Apple has to offer. The iPhone 13 pro comes in two sizes, the regular pro, which has a 6.1-inch screen, and the 13 pro max which has a 6.7-inch screen. The 13 pro phones, the latest iteration of Apple’s pro iPhones are differentiated by nothing more than their sizes as opposed to the previous year where the max phone had a better camera set-up. The choice between the iPhone 13 pro and the 13 pro max is left to the user’s size preference. The iPhone 13 pro and 13 pro max continue Apple’s tradition of having an amazing camera set-up, arguably the best on any smartphone, with the addition of pro features for the tech-savvy such as a high refresh rate screen. The design of the iPhone 13 pro carries on from last year’s 12 pro with the flat aluminum sides and glass back. The improvements are however internal as the iPhone 13 pro spots Apple’s A15 bionic chip, the fastest mobile chip on the market. You can buy the Iphone 13 Pro here.


  • Superb cameras
  • Best in class battery life
  • High refresh rate display


  • Charges way slower than the rest of the competition

Iphone 12

best iphones to buy

The iPhone 12, although not the latest, and not even the greatest of its series is still a very solid phone to consider in 2022, especially considering the cost savings one would be making from buying an older phone. The iPhone 12 has almost all of the high-end features of the 12 pro and 12 pro max except for its camera set-up. This in no way means the iPhone 12 takes bad pictures, it is still capable of churning out amazing pictures even by today’s standards. The 12 series didn’t have high refresh rate displays and so it has the same OLED screen as the iPhone 12 pro. Performance-wise, the iPhone 12 remains a champ with the A14 bionic chip powering its operations. The iPhone 12 is even 5g enabled, provided you can take advantage of it. The only major gripe with the iPhone 12 is the paltry 64 gigabytes of storage that ships with its base variant, although this can be overcome by ordering a higher specced one. You can buy the Iphone 12 here.

  • Great value for money
  • Amazing performance, even today
  • Respectable camera set-up
  • 5g ready
  • 64Gb base storage

Iphone SE 2020

best iphones to buy

The Iphone SE 2 is probably the best option for those that want to get into the Apple ecosystem on a budget. While it doesn’t feature Apple’s new design language, the internals are updated to keep up with the demands of modern smartphone use. Featuring the same A13 bionic chip found in the iPhone 11 series, the SE 2 is no slouch on the playing field. It also features other high-end specs that are usually not found on devices at its price range including an IP 67 water and dust resistance rating and Qi wireless charging. It can also be upgraded to the latest iteration of iOS, making it a great device for Android users who want to try out the iOS experience for the first time or people who love the nostalgic experience of using a phone that seems to be from the past. One major letdown of the iPhone SE 2020 is its meager battery which results in disappointing battery life. You can buy the Iphone SE 2 here.


  • Affordable
  • Respectable internals


  • Poor battery life
  • Dated design

Iphone 13 Mini

best iphones to buy

The smallest phone in the iPhone 13 series, the 13 mini is made for those who want a compact smartphone experience. Rectifying the faults of the previous mini iphone, the iPhone 13 mini takes away the crown as the best compact smartphone on the market. The iPhone 13 mini is an iphone 13 that has been shrunk down to smaller proportions, featuring all the specifications of the bigger iPhone 13 besides the screen and battery size. The iPhone 13 mini fixed one of the major complaints that was had concerning the 12 mini, its poor battery life. While it still won’t win any battery life tests, the 13 mini is capable of making it to the end of the day on a single charge. You can buy the Iphone 13 Mini here.


  • The perfect iPhone for people with small hands
  • Excellent cameras
  • Powerful internals


  • Battery life still isn’t amazing
  • Lacks the high refresh display found on the pro phones

Iphone 11

The iPhone 11 was released to serve as a cheaper alternative to the 11 pro and pro max. It had a screen size between the two pro models but cut down to an LCD to save cost. It also has one less camera than the pro models and is the predecessor of the iPhone 12 and 13 phones. You can buy the Iphone 11 here.


  • Affordable price
  • Great battery life


  • Weaker screen
  • Slow charging

Benefits to Using An Iphone

Iphones are arguably the best mobile devices to use for a couple of reasons. One of these reasons is the Apple ecosystem. The Apple ecosystem allows different apple products to integrate seamlessly with one another, making for a better customer experience. Another advantage to using an Iphone is the excellent cameras. For years, Apple has continued to include excellent camera systems in their devices which many believe to be the best cameras on smartphones each year. iMessage is another advantage of using an Iphone although this becomes less important outside of the US where other instant messaging platforms are more popular.

Final Thoughts

A few years ago, it would have been much easier to choose the best iPhone to buy as Apple only releases two phones yearly, a regular one and a plus model. The situation is however different now, as asides from the regular pro and pro max models, apple also offers a mini model alongside a special edition every few years. While there are many more models to pick from, choosing the best iPhone for you still boils down to 2 major factors, the size, and the price. Buying an older model of an iPhone is also no problem as Apple tends to update their devices for at least 6 years before dropping support.

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