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Best VPN for Fanduel Sportsbook In 2024 – Easy To Use

by edward

FanDuel is a sportsbook, fantasy sports, horse racing, and online casino based in New York. It was created in 2009 and is headquartered there.

They allow users to participate in fantasy sports in five different sports categories. These leagues and players can be found in the MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, PGA, and other sports.

Although you may access the site from anywhere, you can only play casino games in five states, gamble on fantasy sports in 44 states, bet on sports in 14 states, and bet on horse racing in 25 states.

If you already have a verified account and wish to go to a state that doesn’t have them, you can settle any bets before leaving or use a VPN. Let’s take a look at some of the finest VPNs for FanDuel.

Best VPN’s for Fanduel

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is a cutting-edge VPN service that allows you to unblock FanDuel privately from anywhere. This VPN includes servers in 60 countries, including eight distinct states in the United States. Regardless of your current location, all NordVPN servers provide lightning-fast speeds and sufficient security precautions to ensure that you may safely withdraw your FanDuel earnings.

This VPN employs AES-256 bit encryption keys and complex protocols like NordLynx, OpenVPN, and others. As a result, you can customize the level of security and connection speed to meet your specific needs.

The best aspect is that NordVPN has multi-platform support, allowing you to effortlessly install and use it on any of your FanDuel-compatible devices. To access all FanDuel services, you must connect to one of the NordVPN servers in Arizona, Colorado, or Illinois. To discover more about NordVPN’s services, read our in-depth review. You can get started on NordVPN here.


  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Satisfactory customer service on both mobile and desktop computers
  • Reasonable rates
  • User friendly
  • Good mobile app
  • Exceptional performance
  • Adequate DNS leakage protection.


  • It can be used on only six devices simultaneously

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is difficult to match when it concerns unblocking geo-restricted content, lightning-fast speeds, and greater online security. The VPN is our top choice because it is based in the British Virgin Islands. It has consistently proven to be the quickest virtual private network that actively promotes privacy security.

The approach, which is powered by TrustedServer innovation, ensures that no user logs are ever captured. Over time, this has been demonstrated, such as the server seizure by authorities, which revealed ExpressVPN maintained a zero-log policy. The application is simple to use on all main platforms, including mobile and computer systems. You can get started on ExpressVPN here.


  • Lightning-quick speeds
  • Ensured privacy without the use of logs
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Easy to use on all platforms, including BlackBerry


  • When compared to other VPNs, there are less simultaneous connections.

3. Surfshark

Surfshark represents a new supplier, having launched in 2018. Since then, it has grown to become a comprehensive and dependable VPN. Surfshark’s service is based in British Virgin Islands, offering exceptional privacy. Surfshark also adheres to strict zero-logs regulation, ensuring that your online activities are private.

The main apps for macOS, Android, Windows, and iOS include many security and privacy options. An obfuscation, kill switch, a SOCKS5 proxy, DNS leak protection, and a strong VPN with AES-256-type encryption are all included.

In addition, Surfshark now offers WireGuard, which has recently been named the fastest VPN type globally in regular tests carried out. You can get started on Surfshark here.


  • There are approximately 400+ servers in over 20 cities across the United States.
  • Smart DNS is capable of streaming on more than one device
  • WireGuard protocol to achieve the quickest speeds possible
  • Very user friends for mobile users
  • There are no limits on the number of connections that can be made
  • Over a dozen regions under Netflix are supported by servers in 65 countries.


  • Some Surfshark servers are more responsive than others.

Why use a VPN for Fanduel?

A Virtual Private Network is a technology that allows you to remain anonymous online. It operates by encrypting internet traffic and sending it to your desired server, which could be located in another country. VPN has two major functions:

  • It prevents others from monitoring your internet activities. This allows users to use the internet without ISP, company, Wi-Fi providers, or other snoops following their activities, even hackers on Wi-Fi.
  • Second, it permits acting as if you are in another location. Our choices offer a variety of servers across the United States, allowing you to obtain a functioning IP address in that place and access the internet like you were physically present.

Added Benefits To Using a VPN

Is it safe not to use a VPN, some readers may wonder? There are various advantages to using a VPN. The benefits of using a VPN start with security and progress to a better user experience.

That depends on your location, digital activities, security requirements, and reliance on unprotected public Wi-Fi networks. The most significant advantage of using a VPN is that you’ll always be better off with one than without.

The following are the most common reasons individuals use a VPN:

  • Secure public Wi-Fi connections

We all need to connect to an unsecured public Wi-Fi network from time to time. A VPN makes connecting to a Wi-Fi network safe, whether we’re on the go at a cafe or connected to the not-so-advanced Wi-Fi network at our local library or other public location.

  • Listen to websites and content that are blocked in your location.

This is a situation that many travelers are all too familiar with. You pay for a streaming service or online access in one region to find out that you’re not allowed to use it in another. There are several options for unblocking websites and gaining access to restricted information on the internet. The best and most straightforward solution is to use a VPN.

  • Avoid being censored

Some governments restrict your ability to access information and browse the internet freely. Censorship usually starts on a national level, but it can also happen within a company or school network. A VPN gets beyond censorship by allowing you to view whatever content you want from anywhere on the planet.

Final Thoughts 

Fanduel is a top betting site and being able to play from anywhere is a huge advantage. By combining the power of using a VPN you will have no issues with geo restrictions if you’re on vacation or traveling. You also get an extra layer of privacy when using a VPN as well which should not be overlooked.

FanDuel is involved in various gambling activities, including casino games, fantasy sports, horse racing, and sports book wagering. When traveling, even casual and advanced players may need to connect to a VPN.

Because of its fast servers in several U.S. regions, ExpressVPN is our best option for FanDuel. With their Lightway protocol and up to five simultaneous connections, you’ll receive fantastic speeds.


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