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Binance US Bonus Codes – $50 Sign Up & $10 Referral

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If your looking for Binance US bonus codes you’ve landed in the right place. Binance US is one of the best ways to buy cryptocurrency in the United States. Binance allows you to purchase crypto with fiat and currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, XRP,  and upwards of 25 plus crypto coins. As of right now they offer a $15 bonus when you deposit $100 which you can claim here. We also want to break down some of the benefits to using this crypto exchange.

Binance US Bonus Codes – Summarized List

What is Binance.US?

Binance got its name by combining “binary” and “finance”. The company created its subsidiary, Binance.US, because the US regulators complained that Americans traded cryptocurrencies with the international firm even though it had not registered in that country. As a result, Binance created Binance.US to operate legally in America and started in September 2019. Binance.US licensed its matching engine and cryptocurrency wallet to a San Francisco company called BAM Trading Services. Matching engines are software that record all open orders in a market. They also create trades when a buyer and seller can agree on a price. Cryptocurrency wallets are devices that receive, send, and store digital currencies. Binance.US works with BAM to provide the cryptocurrency trading platform for the public.

Coins that Binance.US Trades

As of 2023, the company trades 100 plus cryptocurrencies. They are Chainlink, Bitcoin, Etherium, TetherUS, Vechain, OmniseGO, ICON, Cardano, NEO, XRP, Decentraland, Basic Attention Token, Algorand, Waves, Band Protocol, BNB, Ox, Tezos, Cosmos, Stellar Lumens, Zilliga, Zcash, QTUM, Enjin Coin, Ontology, EOS*, Compound, Litecoin, USD Coin, KyberNetwork, Harmony, Matic Network, Bitcoin Cash, Helium, BUSD, Augur v2, Hedera Hashgraph, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Mano, MAKER, MIOTA, VeThor Token, Raven Coin, DAI, and Dogecoin.

Bonus 1: $50 Sign-up Bonus

Earn up to a $50 bonus when you open a Binance US account using the promo code BINANCEGIFT and make qualifying trades within the first 30 days of completing account verification.

Bonus 2: $10 Referral Bonus

Earn a $10 cash bonus when someone uses your Binance referral code to open an account and make a trade of $100 or more within the first 30 days of account opening.


In general, Binance.US charges a 0.1% spot trading and a 0.5% buy/sell fee. They offer a 25% discount for customers who use BNB, which the company created as a vehicle to let customers receive a discount on their trading fees. You can off set some of these upfront fee’s by grabbing your Binance US bonus code 2023 by clicking here.

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Mobile App

Not only does Binance US have some generous bonus codes for 2023, but the mobile app is on point! Of course, the company offers a mobile app for iOS and Android. The top of the first screen shows a quick way to buy and sell Bitcoin, below that, it lists the new coins the company offers. Then, find a list of top gainers and losers, and their volumes for the last 24 hours.

Pros and Cons

  • Binance.US is fast, processing 1.4 million orders per second. That’s important in volatile markets when every fraction of a second counts.
  • It’s inexpensive. For example, one customer who reviewed the company said, “What I really like about Binance – low trading and payout fees.”
  • Binance.US offers a high degree of liquidity, which means its customers will likely be able to trade their coin when they want to pull the trigger.
  • Some clients compliment the customer service. For example, one reviewer said, “So far, I like the service, the verification went smoothly, the set up is easy to navigate and they have a good staking rewards program, good support for different coins…”
  • Binance.US only lists cryptocurrencies from companies that management believes are trying to solve specific problems in the marketplace.


  • Currently, 13 states do not let their citizens trade with the company. These include Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Vermont, and Washington.
  • People who are new to cryptocurrencies might find Binance.US’ platform difficult to use. For example, their site mentions such terms as “matching engine” and “wallet” without defining them. Also, their mobile app can cause confusion, as described above.

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Final Thoughts

Experienced cryptocurrency traders who want fast execution, low fees, liquidity, and innovation might seriously consider using Binance.US. On the other hand, people who are not knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies or trading in general might favor either doing extensive research on these subjects or investigating other platforms. Since people hold a variety of opinions about the company’s customer service, everyone who is thinking about using Binance.US should consider registering with the company, and then testing its customer service by asking a question before they deposit any funds. The most important takeaway is this: Do your research before trusting Binance.US or any other cryptocurrency trading platform with your hard-earned capital. Remember that nobody cares as much about your money as you do. You can also grab your Binance US bonus code by clicking here.


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