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Crushing Mid Stakes Online Poker Games – $1-$2 No Limit

Confidently being able to crush mid stakes online poker games is no easy task. These games typically start at $1-$2 no limit at up. The players at these games aren’t exactly the fishy types you will find playing the $.05-$.10 cent games. In order to win at these games you are going to have to bluff and focus on what your opponents are doing at all times. However with enough practice you will be able to beat these games using the tips we have listed below. Also if your looking for a great place to be playing online poker with highly recocmend Ignition Poker.

Tip – Bluff More & Focus

In order to effectively crush mid stakes online poker games you have to bluff frequently. You can’t simply wait for hands and play ABC poker. If you focus on how players bet preflop, post flop, and can get an idea of how to play different board textures you will see your poker game evolve. This isn’t something that will happen over night, but next time your in a session try stealing a pot away from someone on a well timed bluff. It’s not always about the cards your holding, but what you can make your opponent think your holding.

Tip 2 – Play Within Your Bankroll

You hear poker pros talk about this one all of the time, yet very few players out there follow it. You must play within your bankroll. Now, there are a million different definitions of when it is appropriate to jump up in limits or to higher buy-in tournaments. And while there are a lot of differing opinions out there, very few of them are ever going to tell you that you should base what stakes you are playing, on how much money is currently in your online poker account.

Tip 3 – Dont Play Too Many Tables

Look don’t make the cardinal sin of playing too many tables at one time. Yes you might be thinking but if I play more tables I can win more per hour. This claim is completely false! In order to crush mid stakes online poker games keep it to two tables at a time. Focusing on every little aspect while your playing is one of the key ingredients to being a winning online poker player. We hope you enjoyed these tips, and don’t forget to check out Ignition.

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