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Does Ignition Poker Have Freerolls?

by edward
Does Ignition Poker Have Freerolls

If you’re looking for the answer to whether Ignition Poker has freerolls, they one hundred percent do! Who doesn’t love the opportunity to buy into a tournament for free?

I mean, most of us like to bum it up on a poker site before we decide to deposit real money. As of right now, Ignition is currently the highest traffic site for US players.

They boast of having around ten times more traffic than any direct competitor and have built a solid reputation among the poker community. As we get into the benefits of playing on Ignition, you can grab a nice first-time deposit bonus directly below.

Why Play In Freerolls?

Does Ignition Poker Have Freerolls

This is a good question to ask. Some people enjoy these types of tournaments so they can test out a poker site before depositing real money. The other reason is that you’re completely broke and don’t have anything left in your account, and you’re hoping to get a quick score to boost you back up.

Whatever the reason you might have, it still doesn’t hurt to play because it’s free to join. Keep in mind that lots of players tend to join these, so your odds of making a final table will be hard but still not impossible.

You will also need to carve out a good 4-6 hours of your time if you plan on running deep in one of these.

Freeroll Tournaments Offered

Does Ignition Poker Have Freerolls

If you were wondering if Ignition Poker has freerolls, they currently have a $2500 guarantee that runs every Thursday at 9:05 PM ET. You will need to be a rewards member at the chrome level to qualify.

Other than that, Ignition offers up to $2.5 million in weekly tournament prizes. They run 10k, 25k, 50k, and 100k guaranteed tournaments every single week.

I typically prefer to play in cash games, but playing in tournaments does have some advantages. Such as being able to buy in for a small amount to win a large amount. Especially freerolls, which allow you to magically win money if you run deep enough in the tournament.

You can also play in specialty tournament series that happen throughout the year, like the 250k and 500k. Bottom line: there is a ton of money up for grabs if you’re into tournaments.

If you end up winning anything in a free-roll, you can always take that money and satellite it into one of the bigger tournaments available. The odds might be stacked against you, but in the realm of online poker, nothing is impossible.

Cash Games

Does Ignition Poker Have Freerolls

If you’re more of a cash game player, the list of games on Ignition is impressive. Buy-ins range from $2 all the way up to $2000. You can play these games in heads-up, 6-person table, and 9-person table formats. They have both Texas Holdem and Omaha-style games.

Being somewhat of a regular on the site now for the last few years, I’d recommend playing games under $100 to start. Once you get above the $200 mark, the competition gets a little harder. Just a little pro tip from one card shark to another.

However, you should eventually join in on some of the cash games because the money at this format can usually be more consistent than playing in big multi-table tournaments or even some types of sit-and-go’s.

The best part is that when you get good at cash games, it can turn you into a more rounded player, giving you a certain skill set that other players will lack. Ultimately giving you an edge in whatever game you choose to play.

Ignition Bonuses


Does Ignition Poker Have Freerolls

If you’re considering playing on any poker site, reputation is always important. Fortunately, Ignition has been operating for the last 7+ years and has built a solid reputation among the poker community.

I’ve been using them since they first started and have seen a lot of cool improvements and features added to the software during that time. For example, the rabbit whole-camera card is awesome. You can also chat with other players at the table and use auto-mucking.

With fast cashouts and a tiered rewards program they are a force in the industry. It also helps that they’re backed by Bodog, which is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. So yes, they take care of their players.


Not only does Ignition Poker have a free $2500 weekly freeroll, but the software is what really sets them apart. Whether on your mobile phone or PC, the software is impressive.

You can customize table colors, card decks, use auto-mucking, and even have a cool chat box feature. They also have the rabbit cam feature now as well.

If you like to multi-table, you can currently play up to four tables at a time. I’d recommend keeping it to two tables since focusing on what you’re doing is important. It will also help your win rate. Trust me on that one!

Getting Paid

Does Ignition Poker Have Freerolls

Obviously, getting paid is what it’s all about. The method of making payments is very easy and convenient, as you get to select between the use of fiat or cryptocurrency.

The methods of depositing and withdrawing are essential, as no one wants to keep earning and is unable to cash out their winnings. I mean, seriously!

For those interested in making use of the conventional banking option, some of the options available include credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and many more. Just keep in mind that fees will be higher for these options.

And for players who prefer to make use of cryptocurrencies, some of the available options include BTC, ETH, LTC, and various others. Fees for this method are going to be at a minimum since it’s the preferred option.


Making your first deposit on the site is quite simple and straightforward. All you must do is select your preferred method, ranging from MasterCard, Visa, or any cryptocurrency of your choice, and head over to the payment section.

It is important to be aware that the minimum deposit amount is $25 and the maximum deposit amount is $5,000. However, Bitcoin has ramped up to close to $100,000 for serious players.

The deposits made are instant, so you have nothing to worry about, as you can begin wagering immediately after you sign up for an account and make your deposit.

Another interesting fact about making deposits here with cryptocurrency is that there are no fees required, making it convenient for users.

Deposit Method Minimum Maximum Fees
Bitcoin $25 $5000 Zero
MasterCard/Visa $25 $1500 Zero
ETH $25 $5000 Zero


In order to make a withdrawal, there are various withdrawal options available, and these include bank wire, bitcoin, and check.

Withdrawals through check are subject to a small fee; therefore, it is advisable to place a withdrawal when you have earned quite a substantial amount of funds. I would recommend just going with the cryptocurrency options.

Although bank wires take a while to process, they get into your account safely, and since they are a tried-and-true, safe payment method, most people choose to utilize them.

It goes without saying that Bitcoin is intended to be the most user-friendly payment mechanism, giving you access to a reliable financial solution.

Withdrawal Method Minimum Maximum Time
Bank Wire $1,500 $9,500 7 – 14 working days
Check $100 $3,000 7 working days
BTC $25 $9,500 Within 24 hours

Final Thoughts

Well, if you were in hopes of finding some freeroll options on Ignition Poker, I hope this helped you out. Playing in these types of tournaments is a fun way to try and build up a bankroll for zero dollars spent.

Sometimes it would be wiser to just make an initial deposit, as this can save you time. However, I also understand that sometimes you just get sidelined and have no extra cash laying around. We’ve all been there.

What I mean is that we’ve all been in a spot playing poker where funds are either low or we simply don’t have any. Playing in these types of tournaments is a great way to get a quick score, but also to test out whatever site you’re thinking about playing at.

There have been many stories of people winning free money only to later parlay that into a bigger tournament and walk away with a big payday.

It’s really a numbers game in these types of tournaments, and the more you play them, the better your chances are of winning some of that free money.

Just remember to play responsibly and have fun. Poker is a game of highs and lows. Seeing your pocket aces get cracked to pocket jacks all in pre-flop is not fun. But remember, it goes both ways. Good luck, and keep stacking them!


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