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Dragon Siege On Slots lv

by edward

Dragon Siege on Slots lv is easily one of my favorite slot games to play on my phone. I often find myself playing this game even when its just with play money. And yes that’s right you can use both real and play money when checking any of the games out on Slots lv. In total they have over 200 plus slot games all of which play great on both mobile and desktop. As we get into some of the benefits to playing this game you can also check it out by clicking here.

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The name of this game says it all. Dragon Siege on Slots lv main theme is to grab your weapon and siege a castle that is flooding with endless riches. The only problem … a majestic dragon is waiting for you! Do you have it takes to defeat the Dragon’s Siege slot and reap the rewards? Alright kind of cheesy I will admit but the game itself is awesome.

Wild’s & Bonuses

In order to trigger the bonus in this game you need to match up “bridge” that appears on reel 1, and the “gate” that appears on reel 5. When you enter the bonus game you will have to choose between 5 different characters to unlock your spins. The best you can hope for is getting 15 free spins upon choosing any character. You can also hit different wild icons that will multiply any winnings while your playing.


In total Slots lv has over 200 plus slot games to choose from. One of the biggest reasons I play here is simply that the mobile software is amazing. Games load up quickly and optimize to whatever screen size or phone your using. I have personally tested Iphone, Ipads, and Samsung Phones with these games. So yes they will all work just fine.


If you decide to check out the real money slot games you will be happy to know payouts are very fast. They offer both Bitcoin and bank-wire to withdraw money. Slots lv has a perfect “A” rating currently for paying players. You can also make deposits via any major credit card or Bitcoin.

Final Thoughts

If you like dragons you will love Dragon Siege on Slots lv. The game has some slick looking graphics, solid in game music, and lots of different ways to win. It’s a game I play frequently even if its just for play money. If you would like to check this game out as well as over 200 others click here!


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