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Galaxy S6 vs Iphone 6 Speed Test Internet Browser – Fliptroniks.com

With the galaxy s6 having a faster processor then the iphone 6 its always interesting to see which device can load different web pages faster. In this galaxy s6 vs iphone 6 browser speed test it was interesting to see that the iphone 6 beat out the galaxy s6 more then half the time. Both phones were connected to the same wifi and we simultaneously clicked on different sites on both phones at the same […]

Apple Iphone 6: How To Make It Faster – Fliptroniks.com

Enter To Win Free Fliptroniks Product Giveaways So there are some things you can do speed up your apple iphone 6 and make it faster. First thing you want to do is go into the settings and click general. Next go to spotlight search and uncheck everything in this section. This is going to help the most but there are still some things you can do to make your apple iphone 6 faster. Next go […]

LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple Iphone 5s – Fliptroniks.com

Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases Apple Iphone 5s Cases Enter To Win Free Fliptroniks Product Giveaways The lg g3, galaxy s5, and iphone 5s are all great phones. Its clear that the iphone 5s falls far behind these other two devices, but we decided to throw it in the mix anyways. The lg g3 and galaxy s5 both have there own unique features and design differences. However we felt the samsung galaxy s5 is still the […]