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Thundercrash Slot Game Review

by edward

Crash gambling has been gaining more traction recently. Thundercrash is one of the latest slots to be released, based on other crash games.

Inspired by a retro feel, this slot revolves around a plane, and how far it can go before crashing. The longer the plane goes the higher your payout will be. The minimum bet is 0.50 cents, and it is possible to win up to $100,000 with this game. Simple rules, straightforward gameplay, and more control over your luck have made crash slots a popular option in the world of gambling. Thundercrash takes similar gameplay mechanics as other crash slots added with a retro video game theme. Released recently, it is one worth a try if you are looking for an exciting way to bet and gamble online.

Theme for Thundercrash Slot Game

Space aged and retro, Thundercrash has a nice theme compared to other crash slots. Everything takes place in front of a black grid and is designed with neon coloring. It kind of has a space invader feel to it, but with modern graphics.

Space is the main theme, and in the background, you can see planets, asteroids, and satellites floating by. Even with its unique design, it is still easy to understand how much the payout will be. The center of the screen shows the multiplier, which continues to rise until the plane crashes. Comparing it to other crash gambling games the theme helps add to the fun of the game play. Other slots use the same game play mechanics but are lazy and just show a line going up on a graph with no other design.

Different Icons for In-Game

Before you get to start, you get an option to choose from an in-game icon. There are 20 different icons to choose from. These icons are listed as passengers and are visible at the top of the screen for other players to see. Under your passenger and others, you’re able to see what their auto cash-out value is.

Auto cash out is the multiplier number you choose where you will automatically be cashed out. You can also choose to cash out before the plane crashes manually. The icons have a cube face design and make it fun to see what other players think the height of the plane will reach.

How To Trigger Bonuses

Thunder crash is straightforward when it comes to payouts. The amount you bet is multiplied by how far the plane goes, and if you can cash out before a crash. Each player gets 6 seconds to bet, which can’t be canceled after it’s placed. It is similar to the stock market, where you want to predict the highest point, and pull out before losing.

The plane takes off and starts at a 1.00X multiplier and continues to rise. You set an amount to auto cash out and can choose to cash out any time before a crash. Once it crashes though, you lose what you bet if you don’t cash out. To give an example let’s say you bet $50. If the plane goes to 2.0X and you pull out, you will make $100. The fun comes in trying to guess the right time to pull out. The plane can crash instantly at a 1X multiplier or even go as high as 1000X.

Playing other crash games you can use the same type of strategies and try to cash out early for an easy payout. Plane crashes are random so trying to find the best time to cash out is fun, challenging, and requires a bit of luck to make the most money.

Top 3 Crash Casinos

  1. Bovada Casino – Claim Bonus
  2. Ignition Casino – Claim Bonus
  3. Cafe Casino – Claim Bonus

1. Bovada Casino

Bovada is one of the biggest names in online gaming. They have been around for over a decade making them a trusted brand name. The selection of slot games to play on here is extensive, and the software is top notch. They also allow you to play poker and sport bet. You can get started on Bovada Casino here.


  • In business for over a decade
  • Great rewards program
  • Over 125 plus slot games
  • Generous first time deposit bonus


  • US players only

2. Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino has made a name for itself as the casino of choice when you want to play with cryptocurrency. The gambling platform is rated as one of the rapidly growing, and there are clear signs that this is bound to continue happening. They have great software, a big game selection, and of course great first time bonuses. You can get started on Ignition Casino here.


  • Huge variety of different games
  • New players receive Welcome Bonus
  • Great rewards program
  • Excellent customer support team if you ever need help
  • It has a variety of banking options


  • Targets mainly US players

3. Cafe Casino

Cafe Casino is well-known for its huge Welcome Bonus amounting to $5,000. The casino list some of the most popular games, including Craps, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo, among others. There are more than 300 games on the offering, meaning you would never run out of choices while it has a payout percent of 98.32% to keep you more encouraged. You can get started on Cafe Casino here.


  • Supports crypto payments
  • Readily available customer support
  • Has the biggest bonus
  • Accessible on mobile and desktop


  • Lacks live dealer games

Final Thoughts

The design of Thundercrash is fun, and its gameplay is optimized to make it one of the best crash gambling slots. Other crash games lack interesting themes, and the customization of your icon. Its design helps enhance the gameplay and makes it more fun.

One of the main downfalls of Thundercrash is its servers, which can be faulty at times. As a new release, I think this will improve over time, but I still managed to disconnect a  few times. Connection issues are one of the main problems that you will find when playing. Crash gambling is a fun way to try a different type of game and hopefully get those massive jackpot bonuses.

Thundercrash is a fun try and worth checking out if you are interested in crash gambling-type slots. Bovada also allows you to try it out in practice play and helps you get a feel of the game before betting real money.

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