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Top 10 Tips To Improve at Online Poker In 2023

by edward

Online poker is the basic and also conventional card game of poker that is played across the Internet. There are various online poker sites offering stakes and games.

As a player, you can play for free or for very small stakes you can think of. On online poker, there are beautiful live poker tournaments where you can play. You can likewise play for the highest stakes on the online poker of your choice. A beautiful thing about online poker is that irrespective of your experience level, you will surely find your way around playing it. It does not matter whether you have had years of experience playing online poker or you have only just started. It is easy to learn and understand.

Top 10 Tips Of Playing Online Poker

Tip 1. Begin by Playing a Single Table

A great benefit of playing online poker is the ability of a player to play multiple tables at once. However, we strongly advise players to ignore playing multiple tables when starting out. With the mastery of playing a single table comes the ability to master the art of “multi-tabling.”

Tip 2. Don’t Call 3-bets Out of Position

Do not call too many 3-bet preflop in the situation that you remain out of position. A lot of players call a re-raise preflop when they witness the flop on each street and move first.

Tip 3. Create an Environment Free of Distractions

Since players do not have to go to physical poker but can play online poker from anywhere with a suitable, internet-enabled device, distractions tend to set in. From the sofa, bedroom, kitchen balcony or anywhere at all, players have the chance to win when playing online poker. As much as this is good, it has been discovered that most players experience different kinds of distractions. This may not help the player because such an individual may fail to make an informed and wise decision while playing, unlike when he is fully focused on playing without any distractions at all.

Tip 4. Beat the Micro Stakes First

The term “micro stakes” means poker games that cost small amounts to buy into. For example, a No Limit Hold’em at $0.01/$0.02 cash game. It is also referred to as a cash game with a buy-in that could be as much as $25. If you are a newbie at online poker or have been playing for some time now but find it difficult to win, then you’re advised to learn how to use the micro stakes first.

Tip 5. Be Very Good at Bluffing

You will not always receive the best cards provided at the table. This is why you must understand and master the ‘bluffing’ art. It is a winning strategy that is reliable.

Tip 6. When In Possession of 30 Buy-ins, Move Up To The Next Stake

The next tip is that you need to move to the following limit, having secured 30 buy-ins. A “buy-in,” in this sense, is 100 huge blinds for the stake you are presently playing. It is recommended that you have at least 30 buy-ins on the poker cash game you are playing.

Tip 7. Embrace New Ways of Playing Online Poker

Since most new players may be surprised at how speedy the online game can be, it is necessary that they use the time-bank feature in order to get some more time for decision-making. When put side by side with live play, online poker players can anticipate witnessing more than double the poker hands per sixty minutes that they had been used to already.

Tip 8. Consider Software Purchase

Software programs like Poker Tracker and Hold’Em Manager offer a HUD (Head’s Up Display) feature, which provides information regarding your opponents. This is done by tracking all the hands both of you have played together. At a glance, this info will be made available to you anytime you confront that player while playing at the tables.

Tip 9. Use Software to Your Advantage

Different pokers have developed some software tools that are peculiar and specific to them, all with the aim to make playing online poker easier for every player. However, the best option to begin using the software to your merit is via the inherent in most poker sites, known as the note-taking function. With this function, you can create notes about your opponents during play. They are also seen by you anytime you come across them again.

Tip 10. Be Prepared For Bad Beats

Always prepare for the bad time in online poker. Yes, it is important. To be a wise player means to be always prepared and ready at all times for the number of bad beats you will receive.

Top 3 Sites To Play Online Poker

1. Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker is one of the safest sites to play online poker. Ignition Poker also runs Bitcoin payouts within 24 hours up to $9,500. This amazing site remains one of the fastest payout sites that US online poker players can visit seamlessly. You can get started on Ignition Poker here.


  • Accepts FIAT and cryptocurrency banking methods
  • A 150% deposit bonus as high as $1,500 for US players


  • Rewards program could be better

2. Bovada Poker

Without a doubt, Bovada is well-known for its excellent reputation of fast payouts to winners. The Bovada online poker gives you the same features good games, quality software, and payouts. They are both secure and fast. You can get started on Bovada Poker here.


  • Different promotions and bonuses throughout the year
  • Informative homepage
  • Fast and easy withdrawals and deposits


  • Lack of quick response
  • Lines come late during the day

3. BetOnline Poker

This site remains one of the top sites to play online poker. It has maintained promising positions in the rankings of the best online poker and has thrived well in the online poker market. It also provides players with $100 in free bets. You can get started on BetOnline Poker here.


  • Wide variety of cash games
  • Emerging as one of the biggest poker traffic platforms


  • Site is occasionally sluggish during peak periods
  • Rewards program could be better

Added Benefits Of Playing Online Poker

Playing online poker comes with many benefits. Here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you play online poker:

  1. Unique game variations

There are a lot of unique game variants to select from – many of them cannot be found offline. A very good example that readily comes to mind is fast fold poker.

  1. Lots of action

Due to the freedom afforded players to play multiple tables, you can access as many actions as possible. You are allowed to try a whole lot of games. The opportunity to play multiple tables at once is a great advantage to any online poker player. Some sites allow players to play up to 40 tables or more. This benefit allows you to win at a table even if you lose at another table. This way, you can recover your losses. This is, however, impossible offline.

  1. Large guaranteed tournaments

Most online pokers guarantee 6 to 7-figure tournaments at least once per week and sometimes daily. You will not find this juicy and amazing offer in a mortar and brick casino.

  1. No problem finding a game

Whether a cash game or a tournament, you will not have any problem finding a game. Although there’s a high chance that you play Holdem instead of Omaha, know that there is always a game to join. However, this is not possible when you’re offline.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that you can win real money for yourself with the correct information and a proper understanding of what online poker is all about. For you to do this consistently, you need to be patient, calm and understanding. The tips in this piece will help every player to win massively when online poker. When the tips are followed assiduously, you can easily make consistent winnings when playing online poker.

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