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Iphone XS Max Long Term Review

The Iphone XS Max has turned out to be one of my favorite phones of all time. I absolutely have no doubts that long term over the next couple of years it will still be a great phone. It’s amazing for watching videos, playing games, and of course listening to music. As we dive into what makes this phone so special we will also have a live video review directly below.

I have to point out some of the specs before we get into anything else. This phone has a beautiful 6.5 inch display, an Apple A12 processor, a 12 mega pixel back camera, and is super loud. I had a chance to test out some of the highest graphic games which all ran extremely smooth. We even had a chance to run some PUBG which looks about as good as the console version. The Iphone XS Max long term will be amazing for watching just about anything on its phablet size screen.

Taking pictures while using this phone is also impressive. I had a chance to take some great photos, and even used the 2x optical zoom which is a pretty awesome feature. If your into taking selfies it currently has a 7 mega pixel front facing camera. Another thing worth mentioning is that even though this phone is pretty massive its still very easy to use one handed. This is also coming from someone with relatively small hands.

With some closing comments on our Iphone XS Max long term review we think it’s going to be awesome for years to come. Its spectacular for watching video with its big 6.5 inch display, runs just about any game very smoothly, and has a great camera for taking pictures. Its also very loud for listening to music, and has a solid battery life that can get you through a whole day. You should stop over thinking it and grab one right now!

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