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ABC Online Poker Strategy – Simply Doesn’t Work

by edward

If you haven’t heard of the ABC online poker strategy before you probably haven’t played poker long enough. Its basically waiting for good hands and playing them optimally or robotically. While this can work in the short term for lower stake games it simply doesn’t cut it long term. You will never be able to win at the mid to higher stake games playing this way. Let me explain further.

What Exactly Is ABC Poker

The ABC, in ABC poker, refers to the ABCs that we learned in grade school. The basics or fundamentals of reading and writing that you need to progress through school, work and life.

It means the same thing for poker players too. It means basic poker strategy. The foundation for everything else you’ll learn.

More specifically, ABC poker strategy means that you’ll:

  • Bet or raise when you have a hand.
  • Check or fold when you don’t have a hand.
  • Calculate pot and cards odds to determine whether or not you should draw to a better hand.
  • Play in position
  • Slow play, check-raise, donk-bet, and use any other fancy play, little, if at all.
  • Bluff little, if not at all. That means continuation bets, too.
  • Make bets relative to the size of the pot.

That’s the basic idea. It’s basically playing in a straight forward manner. Almost like a robot.

Why It Can Work In Some Cases

When you sit down at an online poker table for the first 30 minutes or so no one will no what type of player you are. The longer you sit at a table the more obvious your style of play will be to the other players. Instead of getting paid off on big hands players will likely fold because they know exactly how your playing. The only time this type of play has worked out for me personally is at extremely low stake games.

Why It Doesn’t Work

The higher stakes you move up in online poker the harder the competition gets. Its just like anything competitive in life. Your not going to see any online pros or even semi pros playing $50 dollar cash games. While you can make some money playing low stakes its never going to be anything significant. In order to win consistently in online poker you need to be bluffing, putting players on ranges, and usually just outplaying them. If your goal is to always play ABC online poker you will in most cases always end up a loser.

What Should You Do Than?

Well what you should do is get better at putting people on ranges of what they might be holding. An example of this would be understanding that in a cash game if someone raises pre flop early in the hand they likely have something good. Another example would be someone raising pre flop late in the hand which could mean maybe they just want to steal your blinds. The only way to get better at putting people on ranges is by playing thousands of hands, and honing in on your poker instincts which takes time and dedication.

Where To Play Online Poker? 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know what playing ABC online poker is I recommend not doing it. You will never realize your full potential as a poker player by treating it like a game of checkers. You need to outplay and in most cases out bluff people consistently to win more of your poker sessions.

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