Animus Stand Alone App Review

Animus Stand Alone is easily one of the best third person action rpg games to come out for sometime. I was pleasantly surprised at just how good this game was after playing it for only a couple of minutes. It starts off with a very cool story line that has its own cut scene trailer. We have some live game play below you can check out, but will also be covering some of the other cool aspects of this game as well.

Animus Stand Alone is very impressive visually with high detailed levels, enemies, and overall graphics. You can clearly see the developers of this game took some time to make it something special. It is a level based game with different chapters to play through which will leave you with lots of game play.

Throughout the game you will also have the ability to upgrade your character. From different weapon upgrades to abilities there is always something to do in this one. In fact the special attack moves in this game are pretty stunning as you will be able to see in the live game play we have above.

We also have to once again mention the movie like style cut scenes in this game. There will be moments you might think your watching a movie, but really its just another cool intro to another battle or the overall story line. This is what kind of made the game that much more memorable in my opinion.

With some closing comments on our Animus Stand Alone app review we absolutely think this game is worth checking out. Its a great action game that we haven’t really had in a long while. Its also pretty addictive with weapon upgrade and special ability features. Bottom line here is that Animus Stand Alone is a game you should not pass up on.

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