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Anker Wireless Charging Pad Review

In our Anker Wireless Charging Pad review we will be going over the many benefits to using this product. We will also have some live footage of it in action below. As a side note Anker makes some of the best tech accessories in the world and this is one slick wireless charger.

1. The first thing we are going to go over is the design and build. Straight out of the packaging you will receive a user manual, usb cord, and the wireless charger itself. The design on the pad is pretty amazing. It has led lights that turn blue when in charging mode, and also a non slip material on the front of it. The bottom of it has some nice grippers for keeping it in place once you put it down. Overall this thing looks pretty amazing.

2. As far as overall use on the Anker Wireless Charging Pad its great for just about anywhere. If your in need of a quick charge this provides fast charging. You can place this on your desk, night stand, counter top, bedroom, or work office. Its very light weight which makes it easy to carry around at 5 ounces. Its also small enough to fit in the palm of your hand which makes it easy to take with you if you need to.

3. The Anker Wireless Charging Pad also comes with a built in ic chip to prevent overheating. This is definitely something worth mentioning since most third part accessory makers do not provide this. The end result can be the back of your phone overheating and having the battery get ruined, or worse it could start a fire. There is also a 1 year warranty on this product as well which is pretty important as well.

4. We also mentioned you will be able to get fast charging on this pad. You also don’t have to place your phone directly on the charger for it to work as it naturally picks up a charge. It will also work with just about any phone case you have on when you lay it down as well.

In some closing comments on our Anker Wireless Charging Pad review we would like to say this is a very fashionable charger. It has a very unique design compared to what is currently available online. With a 1 year warranty, great price point, and fast charging capable we absolutely think this is worthy of checking out. We give this one a big thumbs up!

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