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Aoine VR Headset Review

The Aoine VR Headset is a well made accessory that’s super fun to use. Its great for vr gaming and watching 3d movies. For anyone just getting into virtual reality what’s nice about this headset is that its universal for any phone your currently using. We have tested it with plus size phones as well as regular sized phones to make sure they fit okay. We will also have some live video below on us using it, but be covering some more of the benefits to it as well.

1. As we mentioned the Aoine VR Headset has a great design. It uses a leather strap which will adjust to the size of your head. It also has a soft leather cushion that feels great when your resting your face inside of it. Overall the fit on this headset is very comfortable for everyday use.

2. The inside lenses are made with high precision allowing you to get a great crisp picture for when your vr gaming or watching videos. It also has a lens adjustment feature which will let you move them inwards or outwards.

3. The Aoine VR Headset is also very light weight at 9.6 ounces. I have had this headset on for 20-30 minutes at a time without feeling any neck or head pain. This is pretty important as some of these types of accessories can be pretty big and bulky.

4. Another great thing about using this headset is that it has an easy open latch to place your phone into. For anyone out there who loves vr gaming the controller that comes with this is also very user friendly. Its well made making it easy to get your groove on for anyone of the great vr games currently available on the app and play store.

With some closing comments on our Aoine VR Headset Review we absolutely loved it. These types of accessories are so much fun to use when you get some spare time. You can also be like me and wear it around your house randomly which can also be pretty fun. It has become one of my go to headsets for vr gaming, and being able to wear it for 30 minutes at a time without strain is definitely a huge plus. It has a nice price point on it of around $35.00 making it a great budget pick as well. If your thinking about getting more into virtual reality this accessory is a must!

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