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Binance App Review

For those looking for a reputable cryptocurrency exchange the Binance app is very impressive. Trading crypto has never been easier, and now you can do it straight from your phone. Binance has become one of the largest destinations for trading upwards of 100 coins currently. You can find some of the major crypto’s on here such as bitcoin, etherium, litecoin, bitcoin cash just to name a few. However they have some of the less known ones on here to trade as well such as ripple, iota, neo, and many more. We will have some live video you can check out below on how the app works as we go over some of the benefits to trading on here.

Signing up for Binance is pretty straight forward. You can visit them here to create an account, and once logged in you can start to explore the actual platform itself. One of the best things about the Binance app are the charting features for checking price history and volume. If you have any experience trading stocks you will feel right at home with the candle stick volume charts, and being able to check price histories.

Navigating through the different coins is also very easy. You can pull up the currency, 24 hour price increases, top prices, and coin names alphabetically. You can also put your phone into landscape to pull up a bigger charting graph for full price histories. Bottom line is that its very easy to navigate through its charting features and then some.

When it comes to actually making a purchase of a coin you need to simply tap the buy option, and put in the amount you would like to purchase. The Binance app requires that you already have deposited bitcoin into your account in order to make a trade. So make sure you have done that before trying to buy any type of coin on there platform.

With some closing comments on our Binance app review we definitely feel its the best place for trading crypto currently. They have an easy to use platform for purchasing upwards of 100 coins all from your phone at any given time of the day. With the way things are headed it be a smart play to get into this market before it really starts to take off in the coming years. You can create an account here, but also don’t forget to watch our live video above!

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