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Can You Make $1000 a Month Playing Poker Online?

by edward

Its pretty weird how often I’ve heard the question of “can you make $1000 a month playing online poker”. It’s like that’s the special number to make the whole thing worth it.

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I can tell you two things. The first being yes you definitely can. The second being you can actually lose a lot more than that. Truthfully the online poker players that make the most also work the hardest. They play tens of thousands of hands a month, have a laser focus while their in a session, and continuously try to improve. You also have the guys and gals who just play for entertainment. Ultimately your going to get out of online poker what you put into it. Lets go a little bit deeper on the topic.

Why Play Online Poker?

Since its inception in the late 90s, online poker has been a massive breakthrough for the gaming industry. You can take advantage of this endless chance to hone your poker confidence. The online gambling industry has also raked a massive amount of revenue from online poker. Over 100 million people all over the globe play online poker since it is available all day.

Physical poker matches can be intimidating for first-timers. That’s not the case with online poker. You won’t have to feel the pressure of sitting around a table with seasoned players. Thanks to advanced software technology, the rules guiding online poker are the same as that of a brick-and-mortar game.

What It Takes To Win Consistently

There is a question that many new poker players ask. “What does it take to win online poker games consistently?” Let’s get something straight and clear. You can’t be a 100% winner in every poker game. If you set your sights on perfection, you will be disappointed.

The optimal strategy in online poker is to maximize your winning opportunities and cut down your loss. Don’t partake in unprofitable games. This is one vital thing that some experienced players overlook. Yet, it is critical in online poker. You also should strive not to play too many hands and an overall tighter range. The standard amount is to play around 10-12 percent of the hands you are dealt.

Online poker has made it easier to join more than one table at a time. Ask yourself some questions before entering a table. Are the players at the table playing a lot of hands? How high is the house rake? Is it low stakes or high stakes? A game with zero or low rake will be ideal. It will also help if you start with low-stake games at the beginning.

Cash Games Vs Tournaments

When looking to make a consistent $1000 a month playing online poker you need to choose the correct format. Cash games and tournaments are the two major formats for playing online poker. There are significant differences between the two poker variations. In cash games, the participants play one game on a single table. In tournaments, players can use one table or several tables.

You will be successful in either of the two poker formats. However, the strategies to tackle poker tournaments and cash games differ. Pro poker players know that fact. These two online poker formats have their pros and cons. High-stakes tournaments can help you win a lot of cash if you finish in the first place. You could rake in millions of dollars over a two to four-day session. That will be close to impossible in a series of cash games.

Also, poker tournaments attract a lot of recreational players. You might be thinking that expert players have the upper hand against this bunch of amateurs. The high variance of short-stake poker competitions says otherwise. Both regular players and recreational first-timers have the same chance to get the ultimate goal. The high variance of poker tournaments is one of their downsides. They also require large bankroll requirements.

Cash games give room for playing flexibility and analytical decisions. You can pop online for a quick round or choose to play for extended hours. People who play cash games also hardly experience hardcore downswings. On the negative end, the rake for cash games is high. Cash games also don’t attract strong players. You decide to choose between tournaments and cash games. It depends on your interest, goal, bankroll, and the amount of time you have to play.

What Stakes Are Best To Make $1000 a Month?

The best way to make $1000 per month from online poker is to play low-stakes cash games. This method might look hard because games have become tighter over the decade. However, it is still possible. Also, use an aggressive and tight playing technique.

Start with NL10 or maybe NL25. NL10 has a maximum buy-in of $10. If you can win 100 buy-ins in a month, you will win $1000. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. To make $1000 in a month, NL25 is more realistic. You only need 40 buy-ins. Discipline, tilt control, and proper bankroll management is essential. Be cautious about your position on the poker table before selecting the hands you want to play. Maintain a clear plan to utilize any opportunity.

Where To Play Online Poker? – Ignition Poker

If you need a platform to play online poker, Ignition Poker is our top recommendation. The platform is a part of the PaiWangLuo online poker network, which also comprises Bovada Poker. It accepts US-based players. Ignition Poker attracts high traffic from US players. You can make payments and withdrawals with Bitcoin, credit cards, and wire transfers.

Ignition poker uses sleek software coupled with soft games and excellent performance. For those who don’t want to download the app, there is an instant play alternative. If you haven’t tried Ignition poker you can learn more about them by clicking here.

Benefits of Playing On Ignition Poker

There are several reasons why you should play on Ignition poker. Here are some of them.

  • Welcome bonus and varieties of games: Ignition poker offers players a 100% match bonus on their first deposit of $2000. You also have access to several exciting games and user-friendly software.
  • Fast withdrawal speed: Ignition poker favors Bitcoin as a withdrawal and deposit method. With this transaction method, you can get your funds in a short time.
  • Access to hand history viewer and anonymous tables: The hand history viewer helps you check your old hands. There are reverse and fast-forward options. You can use this feature to evaluate your games. Ignition Poker also allows players to go anonymous. Your competitors will have no idea of your identity and playing pattern.

Final Thoughts

Is it possible to win at online poker consistently? There is no all-fitting answer for that. It depends on your attitude, skills, and decisions while playing. The stakes you are playing also matter. Also, don’t expect to get rich overnight as poker is a long term en-devour.

If you put in a high volume in low stake games, there could be a chance of winning consistently.  However, you shouldn’t think of trying that on high stake games. You can’t win daily like that.

Is it possible to make $1000 a month from online poker? The answer is yes. It is most probable if you play low-stakes card games. However, you have to be strategic. Take advantage of days that you experience a hot streak. If you ever want to move up to higher stakes do it slowly and easy into it. If you would like to hit the virtual felt right now click here.

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