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Crypto Poker Australia 2024 – #1 Option

by edward
Crypto Poker Australia

Finding a good crypto poker site to play at in Australia is no easy task. You don’t want to start things off on the wrong foot and end up playing somewhere you might regret.

Fortunately, there are only a handful of sites to play in Australia that are both reputable and accept cryptocurrency. But my top recommendation for all you Aussies will not doubt be Ignition Poker.

Ignition has become a top dog in the poker space with lots of player traffic, massive cash games, and some of the biggest tournaments available to play online. In this article, I will be going over some of the benefits and reasons to give them a try. So, let’s do this.

Who Are They?

Crypto Poker Australia

If you’ve ever heard of the brands Bodog or Bovada, you will notice a lot of similarities with Ignition. First off, Ignition is a different skin tone from those brands. It uses the same software, which runs smoothly on laptops, desktops, and phones.

They first opened doors in 2016 and have since become a force in the online space, providing a great user experience and fast cash outs, and I’m still just scratching the surface here.

But to be fair, it’s the reputation of Ignition that sets them apart in the industry. Search any online forum, like Reddit, for example, and you won’t find much dirt on them. Because, well, there aren’t any.

Game Selection

Crypto Poker Australia

Without a doubt game selection is an important aspect for choosing any poker site. The good news is that Ignition covers every major category of poker. Those include:

  • NL Holdem
  • PL Holdem
  • PL Omaha
  • Sit N Go’s
  • Turbos
  • Multi Table
  • Specialty
  • Heads Up
  • Guaranteed Format

When playing, you can also choose between the 6-person and 9-person formats. 6 Max works best for playing cash games, in my opinion.

If you decide to play 6 Max, be aware that it’s a much faster-paced game. You will need to act quickly and play more hands out of position. In 9-person games, you can play a bit more relaxed and wait for hands.

9-person is more suited for sit and go’s or large multi-table tournaments. The action is a little bit slower in 9-person games, which will allow you to think a bit more about your hand when it’s dealt.


Crypto Poker Australia

Another aspect to be aware of is poker software. And believe me, not all software is created equal. I’ve seen a lot of garbage out there in my time, but fortunately, what you’ll get here is impressive.

Whether you’re playing on a PC or phone, everything runs smoothly without lag or disconnecting issues. There are also regular updates that happen to keep things up to par, which you will usually see on a biweekly basis. Here are a few of the things you’re allowed to do in the game.

  • Chat With Other Players
  • Play Up to 4 Tables at a Time
  • Change Card Decks
  • Change Color of Tables
  • Auto Mucking
  • Sit Out Next Hand
  • Change Seats
  • & Much More

You can see from just the surface why we feel strongly about them being the best crypto poker site for Australia. Read on to learn even more.


Crypto Poker Australia

If you’re looking to get a big score quickly, playing in huge multi-table tournaments is always an option. They host some of the largest payout entries online. Some of these include the 300k, 200k, and 100k guarantee as well as specialty options that run throughout the year.

Guaranteed Prize Pools

One of the major attractions of Ignition Poker tournaments is the guaranteed prize pools. Players can compete for substantial cash prizes, such as by playing in the monthly milly. Which is yes, a 1 million dollar guaranteed tournament!

The guaranteed prize pools attract a competitive field of players, creating an atmosphere of intensity and focus throughout the tournament.

Satellite Tournaments

The site also offers satellite tournaments, providing you with a chance to win entry into larger, high-stakes tournaments with minimal investment.

These satellite tournaments serve as an easier way for aspiring players to step into the world of big-money poker without emptying their bankrolls. Plus, if you end up winning anything significant from a satellite entry, it would make for a great story later on.

Bonus Options

Crypto Poker Australia

The deeper we get into this article, the more I hope I’m helping your journey into finding the best crypto poker for Australia. And honestly, it wouldn’t be complete unless we touched on the bonus offers.

Fortunately for you, there are some good ones to check out, such as:

  • Welcome Bonus

Upon signing up, you are offered the choice of selecting between two options that cover the various methods available. One of the choices offered is to make a deposit with the use of crypto and get a 150% match-up bonus of up to $1,500.

The second choice is to make a deposit using a debit or credit card, and you get to claim a match-up bonus of up to $1,000. However, note that to fully qualify for any of these bonuses, you are required to make a minimum deposit of $20.

  • Royal Flush Bonus

As you may know, making a royal flush can be quite challenging, but you could earn an amazing reward from it. For an individual who is able to get this rare hand while wagering, they get the chance to claim a bonus of up to 50x the stake with a maximum of $200.

The player must ensure that they have both hole cards to be eligible for this bonus. Once you do, just head over to customer support to claim your reward.

  • Bad Beat Bonus

While having a bad day at the table can be quite overwhelming, this online poker site provides gamblers with the chance to still win massively. Players who lose with aces full of kings or better may be eligible for the Bad Beat Jackpot, which has a payout potential of up to $1000.

Although this incentive isn’t added to your account immediately, if you match the requirements, it’s simple to claim by getting in touch with support.

  • Referral Bonus

If you enjoy playing poker and you have people around you who are eager to get started, then you should consider making use of the referral bonus available. Once you invite someone with your link and they make their first deposit, you are rewarded with a 200% bonus of up to $100.

In addition to the 200% bonus, you get an extra $25 for those who deposit using cryptocurrency. The amazing thing about this bonus is that you can refer to as many people as you want.

Ignition Bonuses

Getting Paid

At some point, we need to get paid. Otherwise, what was the point of playing to begin with? Okay, in all seriousness, the deposit and withdrawal options here are very good and very fast! Here are a few of the financial options for Ignition.

Crypto Poker Australia


The process of making a deposit on the site is quite simple and straightforward. All you have to do is select your preferred method, ranging from Mastercard, Visa, or any cryptocurrency of your choice, and head over to the payment section.

It is essential to be aware that the minimum deposit amount is $25 and the maximum deposit amount is $5,000. The deposits made are instant, so you have nothing to worry about, as you can begin wagering immediately after you sign up for an account and make your deposit.

Another interesting fact about making deposits is that there are no fees required, making it convenient for users.

Deposit Method Minimum Maximum Fees
Bitcoin $25 $5000 Zero
MasterCard/Visa $25 $1500 Zero
ETH $25 $5000 Zero


In order to make a withdrawal, there are various withdrawal options available, and these include bank wire, bitcoin, and check. Withdrawals through check are subject to a small fee; therefore, it is advisable to place a withdrawal when you have earned quite a substantial amount of funds.

Although bank wires take a while to process, they get into your account safely, and since they are a tried-and-true, safe payment method, most people choose to utilize them. It goes without saying that Bitcoin is intended to be the most user-friendly payment mechanism, giving you access to a reliable financial solution.

Withdrawal Method Minimum Maximum Time
Bank Wire $1,500 $9,500 7 – 14 working days
Check $100 $3,000 7 working days
BTC $25 $9,500 Within 24 hours

Mobile Options

Crypto Poker Australia

The poker app is outstanding but does have some flaws. I wouldn’t say it’s so much their poker app, but in general, when playing on your phone, especially for real money, focus is paramount.

For example, if you’re in a $500-dollar cash game on your phone and not paying attention, you could be in for a lot of heartache.

And while you can play multiple tables at a time on your phone, I would keep it to just one. At some point, you must realize playing on your phone is good, but sometimes playing on your PC is the smarter approach.

Do whatever you want, as this is just my opinion. But I am trying to help you guys out here.

Customer Service

Okay, one of the biggest strengths of any poker site is a great customer service team. And since Ignition has 24/7 live chat support, it’s, in one word, awesome!

There have been plenty of times I’ve needed assistance at weird hours, aka playing at 3 AM and having issues that cleared up for me quickly.

You can also contact them anytime of the day via the telephone number on site or by sending them an email. Email responses take a bit longer, at around 12 hours in my experience. Overall, though the customer service on site is excellent.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to play some crypto poker in Australia, I am confident you will like everything Ignition has to offer. The software is great, as is the game selection. You can also play in some of the biggest online poker tournaments.

Getting paid is also very easy via any cryptocurrency you would like to use. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, or something else, it will be an option at your cashier.

Another benefit is that player traffic is very high at most times of the day, including the weekends. This ensures you will never have a hard time finding a game at whatever stake you’re looking to play. Game buy-ins range from $1 all the way up to $2000 plus per table.

The bottom line is that these guys are legit. You won’t find any bad reviews about them because they don’t exist. They take care of players and have taken care of me for years with regular bonuses and fast responses whenever I’ve needed help from the customer service department.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to have fun and try to stack your chips to the moon. Because you’ve got this!


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