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Doss Soundbox Pro Bluetooth Speaker Review

The DOSS Soundbox Pro Bluetooth Speaker is a big upgrade from previous generations. For anyone not familiar with DOSS they are one of the best affordable speaker makers online. I wanted to say thanks to them once again for sending us this amazing little entertainment piece. As we go over some of the benefits to checking this out you can watch some of our live video below as well.

1. The design on this speaker is pretty bonkers in a good way. The DOSS Soundbox Pro has a smooth matte finish / rubberized design with a bright led light. The led light is a great touch for when your playing music, but can also be turned off if need be.

2. This is also a very portable bluetooth speaker that can be carried around, or great for a road trip. You can also use it as an entertainment piece in your living room / office. In total it weighs exactly 1.39 pounds making it very easy to grab with one hand. It is also IPX5 waterproof rated so it can take the occasional splash or two without getting ruined.

3. When it came to testing it out on its sound quality I wasn’t surprised at how powerful it was. It has some smooth blaring sound with great bass. It also comes with a boosted bass button on the top of it to give you an even crisper more defined sound. This was a feature I had never seen before on a speaker and its pretty freaking cool. You can also get a long connection distance on this speaker via blue tooth of up to 66 feet.

With some closing comments on our DOSS Soundbox Pro Bluetooth Speaker review we definitely think its a winner. It has an amazing design with an led light up, smooth crisp sound with an extra bass feature, and is very light weight and portable. You can check out the latest pricing on it by clicking here.

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