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Fanduel vs BetOnline – Where Should You Play?

by edward

A betting platform, both website or app, is one that bettors (involved in horse racing, sports, casino gambling, and poker) can use to participate in their bets. Before choosing or analyzing between two different betting companies or websites, it is essential to know more about their history, customer satisfaction, bonuses and promotions, and finally, the range of betting opportunities they offer.

Today, FanDuel and BetOnline are going head-to-head, and the factors mentioned earlier will help you decipher the differences and possible similarities between these two betting sites.

FanDuel is believed to be one of the market leaders in America’s betting industry. They mainly operate in Casino, DFS, Horse Racing Betting, and Sportsbooks.

BetOnline offers the most convenient betting experience, specifically with versatile payment options (bank methods and a variety of both traditional and crypto options). They also have great betting markets for horse racing, sports, and casino games.

BetOnline History

BetOnline, initially founded in 2001 by Joe Junior, is a private online gambling company that offers betting on sports and horse racing and provides online. This company has grown through time and has come out as one of the top online betting platforms. The current CEO is Eddie Robbins III.

The company started off in Rochester, New York, as a bookmaking business, then it became smaller in Costa Rica because of the laws against sports betting. However, the company was able to make the right moves and had great partnerships to get it where it is today, a big name in the betting industry.

In 2012, the company purchased Bet Eagle (a market leader in pay-per-head operations) and, a month later, a very old sportsbook named Sportsbetting.com. It was all uphill from then.

BetOnline prides itself on being player-focused and gives excellent odds and technology for the benefit of its clients. They are well-known, and their sportsbook offers live lines for significant sports like NBA, MLB, Soccer, Tennis, NFL, and Rugby. They also offer a live betting option and operate good customer care. The primary forms of betting offered are horse race betting, sports betting, casino, and poker gambling.

BetOnline Sport Betting

The sports betting offered by BetOnline gives the players a variety of bets like straight bets, pleasers, parlay, teasers, if bets, futures, action reverse, and props. This gives bettors an array of events and sports to choose from and is inclined to meet customer betting needs right down to providing exotic wagers.

BetOnline Casino Games

The casino games are slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, craps, keno, live dealer casino games, and others. It has a lot of games that mimic the real thing and provide many casino games, bonuses, and promotions.

BetOnline Poker Games

The BetOnline Poker room is about as equipped as a cardroom with a wide variety of poker options. They provide for the playing style and stakes preferred by the players. One of the popular poker options is Texas Hold’em. It also offers classic poker variations like Pot Limit, No Limit Hold’em 7 card stud, Limit, and No Limit Omaha alongside a range of Table stakes.

All skill levels are catered to, and multiple online game tournaments and promotions are available. They are also the first online poker rooms that used cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) to play.

BetOnline Bonus

BetOnline offers bonuses and promo codes, especially for when you deposit. There are some for when you reload, and in fact, BetOnline has a lot of bonuses for referrals, remates, free bets, and VIP perks. However, some of the top bonus/promo codes for 2022 include:

  • 50% welcome bonus (Promo code: BOL1000)
  • 100% 1st-time crypto bonus. (Promo code: CRYPTO100)
  • 100% First Time Poker Deposit bonus (Promo code:NEWBOL)
  • 35% Crypto Reload Bonus (Promo code: CRYPTO35)
  • 25% Sports Reload Bonus (Promo code: LIFEBONUS)
  • $3,000 Casino Bonus. (Promo code: BOLCASINO)

All in all, BetOnline has many more bonuses when compared with other betting sites as well as good customer service. You can get started on BetOnline here.

FanDuel History

FanDuel is a gambling company originating from America that gives its members different betting services/products. It was initially founded in 2009 at an SXSW Interactive festival by its five (5) Co-founders (Lesley Eccles, Nigel Eccles, Tom Griffiths, Rob Jones, and Chris Stafford). They had grown it out of a former venture named HubDub and aimed to change up fantasy sports. Each game amplifies the winnings of fans based on their sports knowledge.

After a series of up and downs for the company, in 2016, there was a proposed merger between FanDuel and DraftKings, which the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) blocked because of the monopoly position it would present since both companies would hold about ninety percent of the DFS market. Eventually, this merger was stopped entirely.

In 2018, Paddy Power Betfair (Now Flutter Entertainment) decided to merge its assets (TVG and TVG2- horse racing networks) into FanDuel. This formed the FanDuel group that has expanded over time and had its first sportsbook in 2019. The group also offered online sports betting in some American states where it was legal. As of 2022, FanDuel has announced sports betting partnership with Amanda Serrano and BCE, an official sports betting partnership with NHL’s Buffalo Sabres, and the first for the New York Yankees.

Fanduel Sport Betting

Though this platform was built with Fantasy sports in mind, it has grown with the potential to tap into the US sports betting industry. With its own online sportsbook, the capitalization of sports betting is the main aim of the company.

The sportsbook has something for everyone, whether they enjoy betting parlays, moneylines, props, teasers, or spreads. It also features odds in major American sports like the NFL, Boxing, Golf, MLB, NBA, College basketball and football, and NASCAR. It is available in Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, West Virginia, Illinois, Colorado, Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia, Arizona, Wyoming, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Connecticut.

FanDuel Casino Games

This is a betting option provided by FanDuel for online casino gaming where you can play on a legal, secure, and regulated platform for real money. It is accessible on both IOS and android for residents in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, and Connecticut. You can play games like live dealer casino, roulette games, blackjack, online slots, and table games (like baccarat).

During your first 24 hours, the best part is that you get cashback up to $1,000. The combination of sports betting and online casino games is like a divine match. With its millions of users, FanDuel Casino is really promising.

FanDuel Bonus

The bonuses offered by FanDuel are usually unique and specific to a particular month. These bonuses typically involve:

  • Multi-Sport Parlay Insurance
  • Daily Odds Boost
  • $1,000 Risk-Free Bet

There are Casino bonuses and sports betting bonuses. They are always easy to redeem and are functional.

Where To Play?

Sports betting and betting are gaining legalization at different rates. Some states have accepted it, and some are making shorter strides. However, many other countries have access to these being platforms and are populated by avid bettors.

For FanDuel, you can play online, but there are physical retail stores (sportsbook counters) in different parts of the US. There is also an app where you can play. For BetOnline, it is available online in all 50 states (both regulated and non-regulated) but is available to a limited number of countries.

Also, you can play online via IOS, PC, and Android. A quick visit to the respective websites would provide enough information on where you can play both FanDuel and BetOnline.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best betting company or site is not a simple decision to make. It can be stressful, especially with many sites offering you are enticing options to hasten your decision-making process. If you’re trying to decide between BetOnline and FanDuel, you should know that both are fantastic betting sites. However, after looking at what they have to offer, you should pick the platform that suits your needs the most.

Try not to settle for less, as the betting site you choose should cater to all you need as a bettor. Do not rush the process and do your research before making a final decision. It is better to choose well and choose the best than choose hastily and choose the worst.


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