Galaxy S9 Otterbox Commuter Case Review


The Galaxy S9 Otterbox Commuter Case is one of my favorites. This series is very stylish while at the same time one of the best for drop protection. It looks stunning on the S9 with a great looking camera hole cutout, a smooth matte finish design, and is very easy to grip. We will have some live video below you can check out as we go over some of the benefits to using it.

The Galaxy S9 Otterbox Commuter Case currently comes inĀ 2 different colors being black and aqua. We chose to go with black this time around and we were not disappointed. It is also likely Otterbox will add more color options as time goes by which is usually what they do.

This is essentially a 2 piece case with a hard shell and soft rubber interior. To install this case you simply take it apart, wrap the rubberized inner shell on it, and then maneuver the hard shell over it. Its very easy to do and has an amazing camera hole cut out, volume button adjustments, and grippers on its sides. Holding this case in your hand feels great, and its also very light weight at 2 ounces.

What I like most about the Galaxy S9 Otterbox Commuter Case is that it provides some of the best drop protection without any bulkiness. While this case does not have a built in screen protector it does have a raised lip that absorbs drops. It is also good for resting with your screen flat down as it will not scratch at all. Your phone may not survive a 30 foot drop onto concrete with this case, but it will hold up well in just about any other situation.

With some closing comments on our Galaxy S9 Otterbox Commuter Case review we absolutely think its worth buying. It provides some of the best protection, comes in 2 pieces for easy installation, very light weight at 2 ounces, and of course has that great customized look to it. It currently sells for around $25-$35 and worth every freaking penny!

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