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How To Trade On Binance App

If your wondering how to trade on Binance app its actually pretty simple. If you have any knowledge on trading stocks than you will feel right at home here. With upwards of 100 different coins to trade currently Binance has become the go to exchange for trading crypto. As we get into the benefits to using this app you can create an account here, and also check out some of our live video review below.

When it comes to making trades you will need to have a wallet to fund your Binance account. We recommend using Coinbase since it is what I personally have been using for the last 2 years. It also has over 20 million members making it extremely reputable. Once you have the app open you will be given some different options for sorting through different coins. You can search based on percentage increase / decrease in the last 24 hours, volume, and last price. This is very powerful stuff for anyone who is serious about trading.

If your wondering how to trade on Binance app you will need to tap on any given coin. Once you tap on your selection you will see different candle stick charts which appear in both red and green. Green is the selling happening in real time, and the red is the selling. You can pull up pricing histories up to 1 year. When your ready to make a purchase you would type in the amount of USD or whatever currency your using and place the trade.

For anyone looking for how to trade on Binance app its as simple as that. What makes this app amazing is how user friendly it is for both ios and android. We should continue to see even better improvements and tweaks as time goes by. If you have not yet had the chance to create an account you can do so here, and also don’t forget to check out our video review above!

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