Iphone 8 Plus Gaming Review

In our iphone 8 plus gaming review we will be explaining some of the reasons this may be the best iphone yet. As far as gaming goes you can see from all of the videos we have done on our channel that we know a thing or two about mobile gaming. We have tested just about every iphone to know if this is worthy or possibly purchasing. We will also have some live footage below showing you this phone in action.

1. The first thing we want to point out in our iphone 8 plus gaming review is that having a bigger screen absolutely makes for a better gaming experience. Having used smaller phones I can definitely appreciate the larger screen especially for playing a good first person shooter.

2. One downside to this phone is that its a bit heavier than last years edition. The screen size is exactly identical, but what has changed is the phones processor. This upgraded processor can handle games much faster and smoother especially any big file size types. This includes games like NBA 2K, Modern Combat, or even Assassins Creed. There is no iphone on the market smooth enough to handle these game types.

3. In our iphone 8 plus gaming review we also need to point out the sound quality on this phone. It is off the chain amazing. The bass and overall hd sound that comes out of this iphones speakers was one of the first things I noticed. It almost sounds like a high def blue tooth speaker when you have the volume blasted on here, and nothing sounds better when your in a hardcore multiplayer match on modern combat.

4. One last thing we want to point out is that the glass back on this phone feels much nicer to hold in the palm of your hand compared to the aluminum design of last year. This might not be that big of a deal, but its at least one more thing worth noting.

To close things up with our iphone 8 plus gaming review we absolutely think this phone is worth purchasing or upgrading too. It has that big screen which makes gaming so much more enjoyable, and also for catching up on some youtube videos. We also think the sound on this phone will blow you away, and the overall design feels much better to hold when your in a gaming session. You can check out an iphone 8 plus here, and also check out some of our live footage on cover fire below with this iphone above.

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