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Coinbase Review

If your wondering if Coinbase is any good were here too help. First off I want to let you know this has been my go to crypto platform for the last 4 plus years. They have most of the popular coins on here such as Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin. However you will also be introduced to some less popular coins like BAT and Tezos. In my own personal opinion this is the best place for a beginner to get started. Even if your an advanced trader its still an amazing platform for all things crypto. As we get into the benefits to using Coinbase you can grab a $10 sign up bonus here.


For those of you wondering if Coinbase is any good you will be happy to know they are very reputable. They have been operating worldwide for the last 8 plus years. They have also done billions in transactions, and have 30 million members. While those are some impressive stats they also insure your account up to 250k. Bottom line they’ve built up a great reputation.

  • 8 Plus Years In Business
  • 30 Million Members
  • Billions In Transactions

Coins Available

If your located in the US you will be able to trade over 20 plus different coins. Overtime Coinbase has added coins to there platform so you can expect more in the near future. Some of the coins you can trade are XRP, Bitcoin, Chainlink, Tezos, Dash, Ethereum, Orchid, BAT, and Stellar.

  • 20 Plus Coins
  • Bitcoin
  • More To Come

Coinbase Free $10 In Crypto

Wallet + Trading

While Coinbase is a digital wallet for holding different crypto coins its also a trading platform. You can make trades 24 hours a day, and expect fees to be minimal. Right now they charge around 1.3% for both buying and selling. If you plan on buying or selling anything under $100 there is a standard $2.99 fee. Just try to make sure you break the $100 dollar threshold when making an investment on the platform.

  • Low Fee’s
  • Works as a Wallet
  • Works as a Trading Platform


Where Coinbase really outshines the competition is with there mobile app. They have 2 factor authentication security for keeping your account secure. Once logged in you can check your account, make trades, and check any updates. The app itself is very user friendly and easy to navigate. They’ve continued to update it over the years making it a lot better than anything else that’s out there.

  • Amazing Mobile App
  • Solid Security Features
  • Very User Friendly


If your still wondering if Coinbase is any good lets talk about notifications. This is definitely something that gets overlooked, but one of the most useful features on there app. Coinbase allows you to set both news and price alerts for different coins. For example if a coin you own drops to a certain price the app will tell you immediately. You can also get news updates daily for any coin you purchase. For me personally its been a very useful feature to let me know how my coins are doing.

  • Price Notifications
  • News Notifications
  • Extremely Useful

Buying + Selling

Coinbase makes both depositing and withdrawing extremely easy. You can connect a bank account for making deposits which is the preferred option. On the flip side you can withdraw money with the same bank account or a paypal account. Both methods allow you to get money out via the same day. This keeps your money extremely liquid.

  • Easy To Make Deposits
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Money Is Always Liquid

Final Thoughts

If you were wondering if Coinbase is any good I hope this puts your mind at ease. Its been my go to platform for all things crypto for the last 4 plus years. They allow you to trade 20 plus coins, have an amazing mobile app, and are extremely reputable. Don’t forget to grab a free $10 on us here.


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